Due Date: Chapter 21

B. China: A Prolonged Revolutionary Struggle

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B. China: A Prolonged Revolutionary Struggle

  • When did the communist revolution occur in China?

  • What are some differences between the communist revolution in China and Russia?

  • Who was the leader of the communist party in China?

  • What was the Guomindang?

  • What were some of the positive and negative impacts of the Guomindang on China?

      1. Positive:

      2. Negative:

    1. What was the Chine Communist party’s strategy for gaining popularity in China?

    2. How did the CCP gain the support of women?

    3. Explain how Japan’s invasion of China during WWII actually helped the CCP take political power and gain popularity in China.

    4. What happened to supporters of the Guomindang after the CCP took power in China?

    5. III. Building Socialism p. 1045

    6. What was the first task of communist regimes trying to build socialism in their country?

    7. Define “collectivism

    8. Explain how politics were affected by communist control in a country.

    9. What 3 differences are listed between China and the Soviet Union in their undertaking the task of creating a socialist society in their country?

      1. One:

      2. Two:

      3. Three:

    1. What 3 economic differences did the Soviets and China have in developing communist economies in their country?

    1. One:

    2. Two:

    3. Three:
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