Draft resolution proposals to the zionist congress XXXVII

The World Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves

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The World Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves:

That the World Zionist Organization shall appoint and budget for a ‚ÄúCommissioner for the Young Generation‚ÄĚ who shall direct all activity for young people in Israel and around the world, and who will take up his or her position within six months from the date of the Congress, following the approval of a work plan in the aforementioned areas by the Zionist Executive.

2.4. Anti-Zionist Propaganda
Submitted by Eliezer Shefer,
World Organization of Orthodox Communities and Synagogues in Israel and the Diaspora

Whereas an anti-Israel propaganda is being conducted worldwide; and

Whereas Jewish organizations in the Diaspora and the State of Israel are primarily engaged in contending with antisemitic and anti-Israel propaganda,

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