Draft resolution proposals to the zionist congress XXXVII

The World Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves

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The World Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves:

  1. To support National Service garinim (core groups) and IDF preparatory academies, as well as others who join them, and to view this activity as part of its overall activities.

  2. The Congress calls upon the government to budget the activities of volunteers in IDF preparatory academies and National Service.

  3. The Congress appeals to all agencies connected to this area and requests that they increase the number of volunteers in the Diaspora.

2.23. The Zionist Youth & Bogrim (Alumni) Congress
Submitted by the Zionist Council in Israel

Whereas the Zionist Council in Israel has for years being organizing the Zionist Youth Congress, which has been extremely successful; and

Whereas a need has been felt for some considerable time to hold a Zionist Congress for bogrim (movement alumni); and

Whereas a demand and a need exist to integrate Diaspora youth at the Zionist Youth Congress,

The World Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves:

  1. To encourage this activity and to renew the organization of a Congress for bogrim.

  2. To assess the possibility of holding an international Zionist Youth Congress in Israel.

2.24. Young Leadership
Submitted by B'nai B'rith World Center

Whereas the WZO has recognized the need for young participation in the Zionist movement, and
Whereas at least 25% of delegates to the Zionist Congress and Zionist General Council are young people under the age of 35,

The Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves:

That a standing committee of Young Leadership be established, wherein the youth will elect their chair and other leaders;

And be it further resolved, that at all future Zionist Congress and General Council sessions, the Young Leadership will be responsible for the development, implementation, and delivery of at least one plenary session.

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