Draft resolution proposals to the zionist congress XXXVII

The Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves

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The Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves:

  1. To bring hundreds of young leaders from the Diaspora to Israel each year for a seminar, in order to train a young leadership and to nurture within it a commitment and connection to the people and to Israel, so that they will act as ambassadors for the Zionist idea.

  2. That the Congress will appeal to the President of the State of Israel and suggest that for every Israel Independence Day prominent young leaders should be invited from the Diaspora, noted for their contribution to strengthening their community and the connection with Israel. These leaders will receive the President’s Award for Young Leaders.

  3. Centers for Zionist Activity will be established at universities in the Diaspora and scholarships will also be awarded to Jewish student activists who will act as a counter-weight against anti-Jewish activity on campus. A coordinating office will be established to communicate with Jewish students at universities.

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