Draft resolution proposals to the zionist congress XXXVII

The World Zionist Congress

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The World Zionist Congress:

1. Resolves to do everything in its power to promote Aliyah to Israel.

2. Calls upon the Israel Government to be prepared in every field of life for the Absorption of the anticipated massive Aliyah that is expected to arrive in Israel, and to take action particularly in the spheres of education, housing and employment.

2.15. The Intensification of the Struggle against Antisemitism
Submitted by World Likud

Whereas recent years, in the wake of Operations Cast Lead and Protective Edge, have yielded an all-time high since the Second World War for the number of antisemitic incidents; and

Whereas Antisemitism represents a critical Zionist issue on which the WZO is obligated to focus its attention, in partnership with Jewish and non-Jewish organizations,

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