Draft resolution proposals to the zionist congress XXXVII

The World Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves

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The World Zionist Congress XXXVII resolves:

  1. To expand the “Mit’habrim” project to additional countries.

  2. To integrate shlichim and volunteers in this educational activity.

  3. To increase informal education for enhancing Jewish education, integrating them into the “Mit’habrim” project.

2.12. Israeli Government Initiative with the International Jewish Community
Submitted by Ameinu Delegates, USA- Etz World Labor ZionistUnion

Whereas, the Government of Israel Initiative was designed to serve as a joint partnership for strategic dialogue and action between Jewish communities throughout the world and the State of Israel to focus on the issue of strengthening Jewish Identity of the next generation and its connection to Israel; and

Whereas, a great deal of effort was invested in this undertaking by the Government of Israel and by a large number of leaders of World Jewry from across the globe and across the entire ideological spectrum; and

Whereas, the current reality has been changed in direct contradiction both to the spirit of the Initiative and in direct conflict with the June 2014 Government of Israel Resolution establishing the initiative. Any and all meaningful dialogue with the organized Jewish community, as represented by the Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency for Israel has been eliminated; and

Whereas this undertaking has transformed simply into a funding framework for programs to be conducted by a single government ministry to, in their words, “fight the weakening of the family unit” and “the significant critical discourse against Israel.”

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