Draft resolution proposals to the zionist congress XXXVII

The Zionist Congress hereby resolves

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The Zionist Congress hereby resolves:

  1. The Zionist Congress calls upon the Israel Government to refrain from steps that might be detrimental to the delicate fabric of the relationship with American Jewry.

  2. The Congress calls upon the Israel Government to engage in dialogue with Jewish and Zionist leadership in the USA, across the entire spectrum, on the subject of Israel-US relations.

2.11. Deepening the Connection between Israeli Society and
Communities of Israeli Yordim in the Diaspora
Submitted by the Zionist Council in Israel

Whereas there are, to our regret, communities of Israeli yordim in the Diaspora; and

Whereas a large proportion of them sever the link with the State of Israel, and particularly their children; and

Whereas it has been proven that Jewish education as conducted in the Diaspora, and particularly in projects in the USA, helps preserve the connection of Israelis in the Diaspora with Jewish and Israeli heritage in the State of Israel,

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