Draft: hod 3640: Global Dimensions of Community Development

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DRAFT: HOD 3640: Global Dimensions of Community Development
Fall Semester 2012 Wednesdays 1:10-4:00 Payne 008
Instructor: Doug Perkins d.perkins@vanderbilt.edu [best way to reach me]

322-7213 107 Mayborn Office Hours: Tu, Th. 11-12 or by app’t

Course Description: Provides an overview of theory, research and action in international community development and its global dimensions. Students will learn about both industrialized and less developed countries in various parts of the World in their assignments. The course helps students understand the globalization processes and dimensions of human and community development work (i.e., economic, technological, cultural, socio-psychological, political, legal, health, education, and physical/infrastructure). Specific topics and examples cut across multiple dimensions [e.g., rural development includes agricultural, but also health, education, legal, and infrastructure]. International nongovernmental organizations and international, national and local policies will be discussed as they pertain to the practical knowledge and skills needed to operate effectively in the broad field of foreign urban and rural community development.
Course Goals: By the end of this course, you should be able to do the following:

(1) Define, in multiple ways, the processes of globalization and international community development change in all their complexity, contradictions, and paradoxes

(2) Understand in some detail the forces and organizations that are both driving and resisting these processes

(3) Understand the impact that globalization can have on communities and development in industrialized and less developed areas across the globe, surveying a range of domains

(4) Produce and present two seminar papers demonstrating an in-depth understanding of different community development topics in different countries

(5) Research and draft a community development project proposal in one of those countries.

(6) A major goal of this course is to prepare students for work in the complex field of community development occurring in cross-cultural settings, and in organizations characterized by diversity, or in institutional contexts that serve a culturally diverse multinational or immigrant clientele.
Course Format: Class meetings will be run as a seminar in which the instructor and individual, or groups of, students will lead class discussion of the readings and encourage questions on and debate of those topics. I will try to arrange one or more visiting speakers and students may suggest guests to invite. The readings for the day on the schedule are to be read before the class period as you should be prepared to participate in both class and OAK discussions. Class attendance and participation are important. Planning for course assignments and related readings will be discussed periodically in class. The exact schedule of topics and reading assignments may change. Check the syllabus/schedule on OAK for any changes.

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