Draft Guide for Harmonic Limits for Single-Phase Equipment

Loads covered in this guidestandard

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Loads covered in this guidestandard

This section will characterize the more common types of single-phase nonlinear loads, including switch-mode power supplies, electronic lighting ballasts, variable speed heat pumps and air conditioners, and battery chargers for electric vehicles.

4.1 Switch-Mode Power Supplies

Fig. 4-1 Linear Single-Phase dc Power Supply

variety of ac electronic equipment is powered internally by dc. In the early days of power supply design, the common single-phase power supply was linear, more or less. In Fig. 4-1, a schematic of a linear power supply, the output voltage is controlled by means of a transistor (not shown) which operates in its active region. Comparatively speaking, the linear power supply has high power losses (overall efficiency in the 30-60% range). In addition, the 60 Hz transformer represents a significant weight to the power supply and results in a more costly design.


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