Draft Guide for Harmonic Limits for Single-Phase Equipment

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1.1 Scope

Current distortion limits for single-phase utilization equipment rated under 600 V and up to 40 A.

1.2 Purpose

To establish equipment harmonic limits, much like IEC 1000-3-2, which deals with both three-phase and single-phase limits for devices under 16 A and with 230 V nominal rating. Existing Std 519 contains site limits on harmonics, and is primarily three-phase.

2. References

In this document, two types of "references" are used: those that are directly related to the subject being discussed - references - and those that provide supporting information to the subject being discussed - bibliographic citations. For the convenience of the reader in not breaking the pace of reading, "references" and "citations" are briefly identified in the text as described below.

References contain information that is implicitly adopted in the present document; complete implementation of the recommendations made in the present document would require the reader to consult that reference for the details of the subject. This first type is introduced in the text as [xx], and the listing is provided below, in this section.

Citations are not essential to implementation of the recommendations, but are provided for the use of readers seeking more detailed information or justification. This second type is introduced in the text as [Ayy] and the listing is provided in the Bibliography.

This document shall be used in conjunction with the following publications:

[1] IEEE Std 100-1996, Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms

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