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Contracts and Grants
Contracts and Grants Funded
Wicker, Lynn A (PI), Dennen, Vanessa P (Co-PI), & Razzouk, Rabieh (Co-PI). (Mar 2012–May 2014). CSP Dissemination: Online Learning Community. Funded by Florida Department of Education. (686-2982A-2C001). Total award $500,000.
Dennen, Vanessa P (PI). (Nov 2009–Mar 2010). Develop a Curriculum Targeting Those who are Cited for Three Crashes in Three Years. Funded by Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. (A14373). Total award $25,000.
Dennen, V. P. (2007–2008). Instructional Podcasts for EME2040. Innovative Instruction Grant. Funded by Florida State University. Total award $7,700.
Dennen, Vanessa P (PI). (May 2004–Aug 2004). FYAP - The Effects of Instructor Interaction Style. Funded by FSU CRC. Total award $13,000.
Bonk, C. J., & Dennen, V. P. (2003–2005). Research on educational and training potential of massive multiuser online games. Funded by Department of Defense Consortium Research Fellows Program, Advanced Distributed Learning. Total award $25,025.
Dennen, V. P. (2003–2003). Can lurking be learning? An exploration of invisible engagement in asynchronous discussion. College of Education Inquiry Grant. Funded by San Diego State University. Total award $1,500.
Walters, D., Flanagan, M., & Dennen, V. P. (2000–2001). Women-friendly Environments for Learning Information Technology. Funded by National Science Foundation. Total award $100,000.
Dennen, V. P. (1999–2000). The Design and Facilitation of Asynchronous Discussion Activities in Web-based Courses. Funded by Consortium of College and University Media Centers. Total award $2,000.

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