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Invited Reviews
Dennen, V. P. (2015). Book review: Best practices for teaching with emerging technologies. Teachers College Record. Retrieved from http://www.tcrecord.org
Dennen, V. P. (2013). The making of the networked self (Book Review: Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman. Networked: The new social operating system). Educational Technology, 53(1), 59-60.
Dennen, V. P. (2005). Book review: Interactive qualitative analysis: A systems method for qualitative analysis. Evaluation and Program Planning, 28(3), 315-316.

Invited Newsletter Articles
Dennen, V. P. (2013). Quality in higher education: MOOCs highlight the symptoms, are not the cure. From the Dean's Desk, online. Retrieved from http://fsucoedeansdesk.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/quality-in-higher-education-moocs-highlight-the-symptoms-are-not-the-cure/

Nonrefereed Reports
Dennen, V. P., & King, K. S. (2006). A review and evaluation of HRSLO e-Learning. World Bank: Washington, D.C.
Bonk, C. J., Dennen, V. P., Dunning, J., & King, K. (2005). Online Learning Evaluation Report. ITT Technical Institute.
Bonk, C. J., & Dennen, V. P. (2005). Massive multiplayer online gaming: A research framework for military education and training (Technical Report # 2005-1). Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Defense (DUSD/R), Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. Retrieved from http://www.adlnet.gov/SiteCollectionDocuments/archive/GameReport_Bonk_final.pdf
Dennen, V. P. (1997). Amoco Fabric and Fibers evaluation (Evaluation report). Bloomington, MN: Plato Learning.

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