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DRAFT Curriculum Vitae
Vanessa P. Dennen
Last Revised: February 10, 2020

General Information
University address: Educational Psychology & Learning System
College of Education
Stone Building 3205H
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4453
Phone: 850-644-8783; Fax: 850-644-8776

E-mail address: vdennen@fsu.edu

Web site: http://vanessadennen.com

Professional Preparation
2001 PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington IN. Major: Instructional Systems Technology. Supervisor: Dr. Charles M. Reigeluth.
Vanessa P. Dennen. (2001). The design and facilitation of asynchronous discussion activities in Web-based courses: Implications for instructional design theory. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Indiana University, Bloomington IN.
1998 MS, Indiana University, Bloomington IN. Major: Educational Psychology.
1995 MS, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY. Major: Instructional Design, Development & Evaluation. Supervisor: Dr. Robert C. Branch.
Vanessa P. Dennen. (1995). Developing principles for instructional design using virtual reality. Unpublished master's thesis, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY.
1992 BS, Northwestern University, Evanston IL. Major: Radio/TV/Film.

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