Dr. W. S. Ellington, Jr.: This is Dr. W. S. Ellington, Jr dentist of Nashville, Tennessee. Mr

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Dr. W. S. Ellington, Jr.: This is Dr. W. S. Ellington, Jr. dentist of Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. President, as I thank you for your Fireside Chats which seem so like confidential talks between friends at the close of a busy day, I’m thinking of fifteen million Negroes who are among the most loyal citizens in the United States. In the face of discrimination and segregation, the Negro has remained one hundred percent loyal. What greater proof than a Joe Louis benefit for the navy, a branch of our armed services which has never permitted his race to rise above the ship’s galley. These millions of Negroes are doing all in their power to serve in the present crisis. Most defense industries are closed to him. The possibility of advancement in the army is definitely limited. If democracy is to survive, if democracy is ever to be made to work, our generation must make it work.
We want, as you do, to perpetuate the democratic way of life. Do all in your power, as we are doing, to remove the barriers, raise the ceilings, unshackle the loyalties, release the energies and the initiative of this loyal race, that together all Americans, all liberty-loving peoples may give their all that our way of life may survive.
Mrs. Julia T. Galvin: This is Mrs. Julia T. Galvin a stenographer of Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. President, in this section of the United States it seems to me that there are two outstanding problems confronting us now. They have to do with our Negro soldiers and with taxation. In certain parts of our country, the uniform of our army is not properly respected. Our loyal black boys in uniform should be protected while they are in camp. The ruthless beating up and murder of them should be stopped. This sort of thing breaks down the morale of any army. Every loyal soldier is an important factor in our defense program.
It’ll take a lot of money to win this war. We’re going to win and we’re going to sacrifice all we have for our country. But it has become a problem to know how to meet these new taxes and keep up the old ones with our limited incomes which have not increased with the increased demand of heavier taxation. If we borrow we’re plunged into debt and citizens in debt cannot prevent a stronger defense as we desire, but we have pledged ourselves to do our best.

Miss Carrie Timberlake: Mr. President, I am Miss Carrie Timberlake of Nashville, Tennessee. I am employed as an elevator operator. I am interested in the progress of our country. We do not have guns, but we are using our dollars in the aid of defense. We are fighting for a democratic way of life for ourselves and for the people now enslaved by the demagogues of Europe.

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