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President, National Society for History Education - 2001 – present

American Historical Society Teaching Prizes Committee – 2002 - 2011.

American Historical Association, 1991-present.

California Coalition on Indian Child Welfare, 1987-2010.

Los Angeles County Advisory Board for Indian Child Welfare, 1996-2010.

Los Angeles City, County Indian Economic Development Subcommittee, 1993-2010.

Scholarship Committee, First American's In The Arts. 1995-2010.


Title V Development Grant Advisory Committee. 2006 - present.

Chair, College of Liberal Arts Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee. 2003-2005.

Special Advisor on Veteran’s Affairs to the University President. 1999 – present.

Chair, University Faculty Merit Increase Appeals Committee 2000.

Chair, University Grade Appeal Committee, 1998-1999.

Chair, Faculty Advisory Committee, College of Liberal Arts, 1998.

Chair, History Department Curriculum Committee, 1994-1998.

Member, College of Liberal Arts Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee 2000,2001, 2003,2004.

Member, University Committee on Professional Ethics and Conduct. 2003, 2004.

Member, University Grade Appeal Committee, 1997 – 1998.

Member, Faculty Advisory Committee, 1997 – 1998.

Member, Student Affairs Committee. 1996-1997.

Member, University Organization and Services Committee, 1996-1998; 1998-1999.

Member, College of Liberal Arts Grade Appeals Committee, 1997-1998.

Member, History Department Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee, 1998 & 1999.

Faculty Advisory, Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor society) 1994-2007.

Member, History Department Curriculum Committee, 1999 – 2010.


Grand Marshall, CSULB Graduation. 2010.

University Outstanding Professor. 2006.

Most Valuable Professor of the Year, College of Liberal Art, California State University, Long Beach,

1997 & 2006.

PhiBetaDelta (Honor Society for International Scholars (inducted 2003).

Biography in Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian.

Enhancing Educational Effectiveness Award. 2003-2004.

Listed in Directory of American Scholars. 2002, New York, Gale Research, Inc.

Dean’s Commendation, College of Liberal Arts. 1999

American Indian Studies Department Certificate of Commendation. 1999

Team Instructional Applications Award. “American Indian Studies On-Line.” 1996.

Institute of American Cultures, Pre-doctoral Fellowship 1990.

Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society), elected, 1986


American Indian Studies U. S. History

Introduction to American Indian Studies United States History for Teachers

American Indian History: Pre-contact – 1890 Early U. S. History 1492 – 1877

American Indian History: 1890 – Present Recent U. S. History 1877 – Present

Contemporary American Indian Issues History of The American West

Images of Indians in the Media United States at War

Federal Indian Law

California Indian History

The Ethnic Experience in America

U.S. Diversity & The Ethnic Experience in the US

Advanced Historiography of the American Indian

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