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Of Mice and Men Unit Plan

Of Mice and Men Unit Plan

Dr. Kern, EDC 430

Jessica Smith

November 25, 2008

Implemented at Chariho High School

January – March 2009

Lesson #

Lesson Title

Lesson Objectives

Lesson # 1

Creating Context

  • The student will activate prior knowledge by describing a photo from the Great Depression era.

  • The student will demonstrate what they have learned about the Great Depression, Migrant workers and John Steinbeck through the completion of a web map.

Lesson # 2

Importance of Friendship

  • The student will discuss his/her understanding of friendship through examples from his/her own life in the form of a free write using at least one example from the first chapter of the novella.

  • The student will examine three texts (including his/her own) regarding friendship in order to anticipate the themes of friendship throughout the novella.

Lesson # 3

Imagery and Voice; Setting the Scene

Lesson # 4

Character Dreams!

  • The student will utilize a reading comprehension strategy (graphic organizer) to trace the characters dreams and characteristics throughout the novella with at least five textual citations.

  • The student will predict character outcomes by making logical judgments on the achievement of the character’s dreams.

Lesson # 5

Through Their Eyes

  • The students will role-play a particular character of his/her choice from the novella by creating a diary entry from the point of view of the character.

Lesson # 6

Connecting Discrimination Through the Decades

  • The student will identify themes of discrimination by citing at least three examples of two types of discrimination seen within the novella.

  • The student will compare these discriminatory ideas to our ideas today by using a comparison chart with at least three modern day connections.

Lesson # 7

Name that Chapter!

  • The student will create a chapter title for one chapter and support his/her decision by completing the graphic organizer with a detailed chapter summary of most events and an interpretation about the meaning of the novella.

  • The student will summarize the novella through the creation and debate of chapter titles.

Lesson # 8

Emotional Responses

  • The student will consider whether George has made the correct decision and predict what they would have done in a similar situation.

Lesson # 9

Wrap It Up

  • The student will develop an artifact that will be included in a museum exhibit about aspects of the 1930s.

Lesson # 10

Gallery Walk Museum Exhibit!

  • Students will analyze the artifacts of their peers in a museum-style presentation of the projects.

Summary of Unit Plan!
This ten-lesson unit plan was developed to help the students analyze the themes, symbols and characters throughout the novella, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. My hope for the unit is that it helps the students delve in to the world of Migrant workers, by appreciating the time in which they lived and realizing how our lives are similar to theirs in many ways. I hope to excite the students to realize the self and real world connections within themselves and the text.

The lessons encourage students to look below the surface meaning of the novella by analyzing character motivations and dreams, creating titles, creating their own imaginative, descriptive journal entries and concluding with a museum exhibit that highlights aspects of the 1930s lifestyle. Through their exploration of the novel, the students will develop an understanding for those that are different. Whether it is someone with a disability, like Lennie or someone who is treated poorly because of their skin color or sex such as Crooks or Curley’s Wife.

The unit plan will help students to discover that strength lies in the hands of people who do not necessarily realize it, and that we are all strong in our different ways. Through the analysis of character dreams, the students will be able to realize that they can find similarities between themselves and the characters within novels, and hopefully develop a passion for reading and discovering more about themselves through the development of different characters. I hope that my students understand how times can change drastically, but some things stay the same and that we must work hard to push past the archaic ideas of the past.

Grade/Content Area

Grade 11H / English

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