Dr. Josef Mengele Mini-Research

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Dr. Josef Mengele Mini-Research

In our section 2 reading of Night, we meet the notorious Dr. Mengele. Today in class, you will be conducting a mini-research on this infamous figure on your phone with a partner. If you do not have a phone, or your phone doesn’t work, please pair up with someone who has a working phone. Fill out the information that you find in the chart below, along with the website where you found the information. Remember: IT IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT TO USE CREDIBLE WEBSITES. ONLY USE WEBSITES THAT END IN .ORG, .EDU., OR .GOV. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE WICKISPACES. You must use at least 3 different websites.




When was Dr. Mengele born and what was his childhood like?

Where was he educated? What was his performance in school?

Was he given any accolades or awards over his lifetime? For what? Why?

List as many examples of the doctor’s horrific experiments as you can. What was his specialty?

What happened to Dr. Josef Mengele after World War II? Where did he go? Was he punished for his crimes?

Directory: cms -> lib6 -> AZ01001175 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 4937
Domain -> America, the beautiful
Domain -> Predict: Based on the title of this reading, what do you predict the causes of American imperialism will be?
Domain -> Salutary Neglect (Mercantilism period)
Domain -> Prompt: Explain how the contributions of the Ancient Greek civilization still affect our modern world today
Domain -> Month: May Activity: Complete the Other Half of an Image Meet the Artist
Domain -> Month: Feb Activity: Tear Art Arizona Landscape Meet the Artist
4937 -> Discovery at Sutter's Mill
4937 -> California Gold Rush The California Gold Rush (1848-1855) began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by
4937 -> One Survivor Remembers: Video Questions
4937 -> Honors 9 Expository/Functional Text Research Assignment: Designing Your Own News Flyer Honoring Survivors

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