Dr. Doug Whitlock: Good morning. Good morning and welcome to Eastern Kentucky University’s spring 2013 commencement exercises. This morning we honor candidates in the Colleges of Health Sciences and Justice & Safety

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Dr. Doug Whitlock: Good morning. Good morning and welcome to Eastern Kentucky University’s spring 2013 commencement exercises. This morning we honor candidates in the Colleges of Health Sciences and Justice & Safety. Please rise for the presentation of the national colors, and remain standing and join Dr. Joyce Wolf, accompanied by Dr. Richard Crosby in the singing of our national anthem. Please be seated. The University Singers under the direction of Dr. Richard Waters will now perform "My Old Kentucky Home."
Craig Turner: Well, good morning, I’m Craig Turner, Chair of the Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents. Graduates there are many exciting and pivotal milestones in your life. I will believe that you will find your college graduation to be one of the most important. Your successful completion of a college degree exemplifies the dedication and commitment to continued learning and a desire to exceed in your chosen field. It provides the foundation of a lifetime of achievement and success. As a fellow EKU graduate, may I join your friends and your family to say how very proud we are of you, of what you have already accomplished and you have a very bright future ahead.
Today I have the privilege to honor President, Charles Douglas Whitlock. His is the storybook ending to the great American dream, a hometown boy studies hard, works tirelessly and climbs the ladder of success over 40 years, ultimately becoming the President of his beloved university. Doug attended elementary and high school in Richmond, he proudly came to Eastern, he served as the Editor of the campus newspaper, and earned his undergraduate and master degrees in 1965 and 1966. He later added his doctoral degree from the University of Kentucky. He joined Eastern in 1968 as the Director of Publications and subsequently worked in several administrative teaching and leadership roles. Throughout a very distinguished career that spanned six decades, he had the privilege of serving five of the other 10 Presidents of this great university. Then in 2007, Doug was inducted as the University’s 11th President.
Under his leadership as President, numerous honors came to the University. These include a ranking by Forbes magazine among the top 10% of America’s best colleges for the past five years; two, national number one rankings in the “Best for Vets” survey by Military Times EDGE magazine and many more honors. Also during Doug’s career, the campus has added a Science Building, The Center for the Arts, the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity, the Center for Renewable and Alternative Fuel Technologies, and the first three doctoral degree programs in the University’s history. Just last week in honor of his commitment to Student Success, the Board of Regents approved naming the Student Success Building the Charles Douglas Whitlock Building, a richly deserved tribute.
So on behalf of Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents, the faculty and staff, it is truly my privilege and honor to bestow upon Charles Douglas Whitlock, the title of President Emeritus of Eastern Kentucky University, and I am pleased to present this frame resolution that documents just some of the reasons why he has earned this distinction. We thank you for all you’ve done, congratulations Doug.
Dr. Doug Whitlock: Thank you, Mr. Turner, I truly appreciate your kind words and the actions of the Board, the last six years have been very professionally and personally fulfilling. Parents, families and friends, members of the Board of Regents, distinguished guests, faculty and staff, thank you for joining us today to celebrate with our spring graduates this milestone in their lives.
In the three ceremonies combined today, we will formally confer 1806 Bachelors degrees, 479 Masters degrees, 106 Associate degrees, 10 Specialist degrees, and 6 Doctoral degrees for a total of 2407. This morning’s graduates include many who have achieved academic distinction. We’re proud of all of those who are graduating with honors, but we’ll recognize at this time three groups in particular, with all those who are graduating this morning from our nationally prominent Honors Program as honors scholars, please stand and be recognized. Would all of those who are graduating summa cum laude with a 3.9 GPA or higher, please stand that we might honor you. And now would those graduates who are members of EKU’s highest multidisciplinary honor society, Phi Kappa Phi, also stand. Again, congratulations not only to those three groups but to all those who are graduating with honors this morning.
Throughout her 107-year history, Eastern Kentucky University has been known as a school of opportunity, and we have always been proud of that distinction. I’m pleased to acknowledge this morning the many first-generation graduates who are earning a degree. This means that neither their parents nor anyone in an earlier generation was a college graduate. Will all the candidates for degrees who are the first generation in their families to earn a college diploma please stand. Thank you.
Commencement is also a time we recognize the many others who have contributed to the success of these candidates with their resources, encouragement, occasional tough love, tender love and understanding. I’ll ask the following to stand as presented and remain standing so that we might welcome and honor you as a group. Will the parents of the candidates for graduation please stand. Will the spouses of the candidates please stand. Will the grandparents of the candidates please stand. And now will the children and other family members of the candidates please stand. And will the faculty and staff who have instructed and served these candidates please stand. Degree candidates, please join me in showing your appreciation for these very important people in your lives with a generous round of applause.
I’m pleased to recognize some special individuals here on the platform, members of the Board of Regents who have joined us this morning. Will each Regent please stand when presented and remain standing. Craig Turner, Chair of the Board from Lexington; Ernest House, Vice Chair, of the board from London; Gary Abney from Richmond; faculty Regent, Dr. Amy Thieme from Berea; Staff Regent & Secretary of the Board, Steven Fulkerson from Richmond; and Student Regent, Madelyn Street from Richmond, who I might add is graduating in our afternoon ceremony. Please join me in greeting these members of our Board of Regents in expressing to them our appreciation for their dedicated service.
One of the hallmarks of Eastern Kentucky University is our commitment to teaching excellence; we are indeed blessed with many outstanding faculty members, talented educators who are dedicated to the success of our students. We’re seeing the fruits of their efforts here today. The EKU Foundation Professorship is the highest university award an Eastern faculty member can receive, and EKU Foundation Professor is recognized as having achieved a truly outstanding record of performance in the three primary roles of a faculty member: teaching, service and scholarship. Our EKU Foundation Professor for 2013-15, Dr. Allen D. Engle is a professor in the Department of Management, Marketing and International Business. He has succeeded in all of those roles. Dr. Engle.
As you may know almost 30% of our graduates are transfer students, and many come to us from Kentucky’s excellent system of community and technical colleges. We are continuingly partnering with these fine institutions to meet the educational needs of Kentuckians and we thank them for sending us such outstanding students. Our graduates this morning have come to us from more than 10 different community and technical colleges. We are honored anytime that representatives from our partner institutions can join us. I’d like to recognize at this time Deronda Mobilni [phonetic] [00:38:06] representing Hazard Community and Technical College; and Dr. Larry Kelley representing Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. Thank you very much. Dr. Claire Good, our Interim Vice President for Student Affairs will now introduce our student speaker.
Dr. Claire Good: Each semester a member of the graduating class is selected for the honor of presenting a student commencement address. This morning that honor belongs to Kayla Sue Lee of Frankfort, who is graduating magna cum laude with the Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Sciences. Sharing in Kayla’s special day today are her husband, Matthew Lee; her parents Larry and Biggie [phonetic] [00:39:04] Smith; her maternal grandmother, Betty Sue Russell; and her paternal grandparents, Connie and Doug Reddell among others. I know they are proud of Kayla as are we. It is my pleasure and privilege now to introduce the student speaker for this morning’s commencement program, Kayla Sue Lee.
Kayla Sue Lee: Good morning graduates, President Whitlock, members of the Board of Regents, distinguished guests, faculty and staff, family and friends. It’s actually really great to be surrounded by thousands of people who are all here for the same reason, my graduation. No, really, thank you for coming. My mom only ordered 25 invitations so this is a pretty good turnout. For those of you who may not know me, I’m by no means a serious person. And for those in the room who do know me, well I’m sorry, but in all seriousness, we’re here for a monumental occasion, a milestone in our lives that comes as a result of great sacrifice of time and effort. Today’s celebration marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.
Now over the past four years at EKU I have observed several traditions, issues and experience that I’m sure many of my fellow graduates have had as well. I have compiled these into a list that I have titled, “You might be a Colonel.” So here it goes. You might be a colonel, if you’ve ever attended an event just for the free T-shirt. You might be a colonel if you’ve ever spent 30 minutes looking for a parking space for a 50 minute class. You might be a colonel if you’ve picked up The Eastern Progress with the sole intent to see if you know anyone in the police beat. You might be a colonel if you’ve paid 1.10 for a book and got back 1.10 when you returned it, that is one dollar and ten cents. You might be a colonel if you’ve ever spent your Thursday nights at Bingo. You might be a colonel if you’ve ever just used a [indiscernible] [00:41:36] for a delicious paw cookie or seven [phonetic] [00:41:39]. You might be a colonel if you used all your flex dollars on nachos and hotdogs for your friends at an athletic event. And keeping with the theme of the last two, you might be a colonel if you’ve ever driven yourself to the fitness center from your dorm. You might be a colonel if you’ve ever taken free popcorn from a [indiscernible] [00:42:04]. You might be a colonel if you’ve ever complained about the undeadness of dead weak. You might be a colonel if you’ve ever been pestered by a frat guy on paw [phonetic] [00:42:14] corner begging you for your pocket change. You might be a colonel if you’ve ever taken a stroll past the naked man and looked under his drape just to see what’s there. Does this poor guy even have a name? You might be a colonel if you’ve ever spent an entire afternoon in the ravine studying or napping. You might be a colonel if you’ve ever heard the phrase, “EKU will develop informed critical and creative thinkers who communicate effectively.” You might be a colonel if you’re graduating from one of the top educational programs in the country. You might be a colonel if you have a professor’s number in your phone or on a first name basis with them. The faculty and staff here EKU truly care about each of their students. And finally you might be a colonel if you’ve ever heard or if you represent the term eternal colonel. But we all really know that no one exemplifies that title more than President Whitlock who has been a part of this campus community for more than four decades. However, in reality we’re all eternal colonels. As we will be connected to this university for the rest of our lives, the knowledge, the memories, the friendships and the experiences we have shared as students at EKU will forever be imprinted in our hearts and minds.
Now no commencement speech would be complete without a few thank you’s. Thank you to my husband, Matt, for putting up with my temper tantrums and tears for the past four years. Thank you to my family for shaping, encouraging and pushing me to be the young woman I am today, and last but certainly not least thank you to my classmates who have challenged, supported and inspired me. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and dealing with my sarcasm and jokes. You each hold a very special place in my heart and I’m forever blessed to have met you.
The education that we have received during our years at EKU has prepared each of us to be diligent, creative, innovative and successful. We have the tools and now is the time to use them, so I challenge you Class of 2013 to find your passion, reach your goals and never settle for second best. Congratulations graduates, we did it.
Dr. Doug Whitlock: Thank you, Kayla. I have the distinct privilege of recognizing the recipient of the University’s Outstanding Senior Award for 2013. Each academic college the Office of Student Affairs and the International Alumni Association nominate individuals for this prestigious award. The award is based on scholarship, leadership and service to both campus and community. Each recipient receives a well-deserved plaque and $1,000 stipend. We were richly blessed this year with some outstanding candidates, but none more richly deserving than Kristina Hamon of Frankfort, who has clearly excelled in the areas of scholarship, service and leadership. She will be formally recognized at our 7:30 ceremony today.
Our keynote speaker this morning grew up in rural Casey County and went on to become one of the most important figures of his generation in Kentucky Higher Education. Before completely retiring a year ago, Dr. Charles Wethington Jr. devoted 47 years to bettering the lives of Kentuckians as a College Professor And Administrator and ultimately as the highly successful President of the University of Kentucky. This 1956 graduate of Eastern Kentucky State College who went on to learn two more degrees from the University of Kentucky claims a rare distinction, he is a member of both the EKU Hall of Distinguished Alumni and the UK Hall of Distinguished Alumni, and for good reason.
Dr. Wethington began his career as a faculty member at UK in 1965, and two years later was named the Chief Administrator of Maysville Community College. He returned to Lexington in 1971 as Assistant Vice President and became Vice President of the Community College System in 1981. A year later he was named Chancellor of the UK Community College System, and in 1987 was given university-wide responsibilities for public and governmental relations. His tenure as UK President was from 1990 until 2001 and was marked by record numbers of national achievement and merit scholars, and increasing the number of programs ranked in the nation’s top 50, a new central library, an increase in research and the commencement and completion of 41 building projects, and a dramatic increase in the school’s endowment. We are delighted and honored that Dr. Wethington could join us today to share this time with our graduates and it is his wife Judy who is seated with my wife Joanne could join us. It gives me great pleasure now to present Dr. Charles Wethington Jr. for the honorary degree Doctor of Laws. Dr. Wethington and Provost/Vice, would you please join me.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to introduce Dr. Charles Wethington Jr., a distinguished son of Kentucky who has dedicated his life to the education of the Commonwealth citizens, an accomplished College Administrator who raised his institution to greater heights of excellence, and one whom Eastern Kentucky University is proud to claim as one of her own and honor here today. Please give a warm back home welcome to Dr. Charles Wethington.
Dr. Charles T. Wethington Jr.: President Whitlock, members of the Board, other members at the platform party, faculty and staff of Eastern Kentucky University, ladies and gentlemen and members of the graduating class, to you graduates thank you for inviting me to address you on such an important day, thank you President Whitlock and members of the Board for the honor you’ve bestowed on me today. I’m truly grateful, it’s certainly a pleasure for me to be a degree recipient along with this graduating class. And if I could take just a moment to say to you on behalf of President Whitlock, you’ve heard what President Whitlock has meant to this institution for the past more than 40 years. I can tell you he’s been a tremendous asset to this University. I was delighted some six years ago to see that this Board of Regents offered to make Doug Whitlock, President of Eastern Kentucky University, and I’m delighted at the progress that I’ve seen Eastern make in the last six years under his leadership, I want to congratulate Doug Whitlock for what he’s done and wish him well as he moves on past this time from the presidency of Eastern Kentucky University. Congratulations Doug Whitlock.
This is certainly a special day, it’s the day when this university and its larger circle of friends join together to praise the achievements of those who have been inspired, loved and supported by mother and father, sister and brother, husband and wife, by counselor, friend and teacher. This is the day of our graduates, those who have completed their degree program, but more importantly those who have learned to become more knowledgeable and enlightened as only they can truly judge.
Through this commencement experience, the tradition that has been established by all who preceded us is brought here in this place along with the anticipation of future accomplishments of those who come after us, both officially and personally I rejoice with you in the art of graduating. Ours is one of the hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation but ours is Eastern Kentucky University, a very special institution in a very special state. We, you and I are here for that moment of celebration when the past happily meets the future. I am mindful of the long past of this institution and I am hopeful of its long future.
On a personal note, I and my family have been fortunate to have been involved with Eastern Kentucky University for many years. 57 years ago this month in 1956 I received a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern having majored in English and History, and yes graduates there was an Eastern that long ago. At one time or another, my mother, my father, one sister, one brother, my mother-in-law and my daughter-in-law have all attended this fine university. In remembering my graduation day, I’m mindful that you graduates will remember this day but will remember very little of what was said by the commencement speaker, as a result I will be mercifully short.
From its very beginning and continuing today, this institution has been blessed with an extremely dedicated faculty and staff, whose sole purpose was to provide the exceptional opportunity for students like yourselves. I commend this University Dr. Doug Whitlock, its President and its faculty and staff for this exceptional dedication to students that has helped you graduates achieve what you have come here to celebrate. We’re all a part of public higher education, this nation owes much of its success to the fact that we have dedicated ourselves to educational opportunity for all. We have always understood that low-cost public higher education available to all who benefit is critical to the growth and development of this country. Affordable colleges and universities within reach of virtually all of our citizens are absolutely essential if we are to continue to provide that equal opportunity to upward mobility for our citizens. You graduates of Eastern have benefited from that opportunity. I want you to know how fortunate you are to have been a part of this University.
You graduates have been prepared well by Eastern Kentucky University, but with that preparation comes certain challenges. Let me outline some of those challenges that I see for you. I urge you to continue to grow in knowledge and understanding, it is important that you continue to build upon what you have learned here. It can be said that commencement is the time when college students who learned all the answers discover that there are a new set of questions. More than ever before, the world we live in will require critical thinkers to handle an ever-changing set of questions. We need individuals who can analyze, evaluate and interpret information quickly and correctly. We need individuals who are flexible and who can react instantly to a changing set of circumstances. We need individuals who listen and can communicate effectively and efficiently. I encourage you to continue to ask questions, systematic inquiry is a practical means of building worthwhile relationships, demanding commonsense and utilizing uncommon abilities. Systematic inquiry means having the spirit to adventure the wit, to question and the wisdom to accept and to use knowledge to its fullest. We trust that Eastern Kentucky University has given you a good base to do these things, but to do this successfully will require continued learning and interaction. Take the time to explore new technology, new ideas, new ways of doing things.
After today, after you go straight home and celebrate, I would urge you to stay involved. Be involved in the cultural and civic life of your community, wherever you choose to live. You have the responsibility to share your gifts and talents, those gifts you have inherited as well as those learned talents. And you have the responsibility to yourself to continue to strive to be the best you can be. Some of you will go on to graduate programs in colleges and universities, most of you into the workforce. No matter where you go, continue your education. Keep your eyes open to the world around you and always see in others what they are capable of being and becoming. You need to inspire others because of what you have done, show others what can be achieved from a good education. Show them that they can do it if you could do it, be a good example. Bring somebody else along with you.
Finally, I would encourage you to stay in touch with your university. Eastern hopes to be able to rely on your support and good judgment as the university moves through the 21st century. The University will require much help and foresight as it strives to serve the people of our commonwealth and beyond. We hold and trust this commitment to higher education as those who keep the faith that you have placed in this University, but we do so above all as those to whom you have entrusted the intellectual welfare of your loved ones, the students we teach, the graduates we honor today.
And I ask you to remember with us that the one transformational agent that we have in American society is higher education, and public higher education has the greatest responsibility, and it deserves your support. We cannot lose sight of this responsibility especially during this time of financial difficulty in this country. We must be vigilant and ensure that we are – that we do not allow public higher education to be priced so high that it is perceived to be out of reach of many of our citizens.
Now more than ever perhaps, the door of opportunity provided by public higher education must be kept wide-open for this country and its citizens to continue to prosper. Congratulations again to you graduates, I know that all of you who are not graduating today join with me in an expression of appreciation to all the graduates in this cheerful audience. It’s an honor and a pleasure ladies and gentlemen for me to have been invited here today and to be honored by Eastern Kentucky University. I congratulate the graduates, I wish you well, I’m delighted that you have chosen to be a part of the life of Eastern Kentucky University.
Dr. Doug Whitlock: Thank you, Dr. Wethington. Our Provost, Dr. Janna Vice buys will now proceed with the formal conferring of degrees.
Dr. Janna Vice: President Whitlock, the deans of the colleges will join me in presenting the candidates for the graduate and undergraduate degrees. Dean Jerry Pogatshnik will present candidates for Masters degrees from the Colleges of Health Sciences and Justice & Safety.
Dean Jerry Pogatshnik: Well, the candidates for the following degrees please stand and remain standing. Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Science, and Doctor of Nursing Practice. President Whitlock, these candidates have met all the requirements for the degrees and have been approved by the faculty, I present them to you for the conferring of their degrees.
Dr. Janna Vice: Dean Deborah Whitehouse will present candidates from the College of Health Sciences.
Dean Deborah Whitehouse: Will the candidates for the degrees in the College of Health Sciences please stand and remain standing. President Whitlock, these candidates have met all the requirements for their degrees and have been approved by the faculty. I present them to you for the conferring of their degrees.
Dr. Janna Vice: Dean Allen Ault will present candidates from the College of Justice & Safety.
Dean Allen Ault: President Whitlock, will the candidates for degrees in the College of Justice & Safety, please stand and remain standing. President Whitlock, these candidates have met all the requirements for the degrees and have been approved by the faculty. I present them to you for the conferring of their degrees.
Dr. Janna Vice: President Whitlock, these candidates have met all of the requirements for their respective degrees and have approved by the faculty. The deans and I present them to you for the conferring of their degrees.
Dr. Doug Whitlock: Candidates, the long anticipated hour has come. You are here with family and loved ones looking on. The faculty and officers of the University are gathered in witness and testimony to your conduct and purpose. Therefore by virtue of the authority granted me by the Board of Regents of Eastern Kentucky University and with the faculty’s recommendation, it is now my pleasure to confer upon each of you the appropriate degree, the requirements of which you have fulfilled, and do hereby vest each of you with the rights and privileges pertaining to that degree, your diploma confirmed and acknowledged by the great seal of the University. Please be seated. Will the honorary Faculty Advisors, please escort the degree candidates to the stage. Mr. Rich Middleton will now read the names of the graduates. This is both a solemn and joyous occasion. As names are called, I ask each of you to show the decorum, the dignity of this occasion warrants. In this way each graduate can receive the recognition he or she deserves. Thank you very much.
Rich Middleton: College of Health Sciences, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Sharon A. Edwards; Doctor of Nursing Practice, Melanie Adams Johnson. Doctor of Nursing Practice: Gina L. Purdue. Doctor of Nursing Practice: Cailen Morgan Wattenbarger. Master of Public Health: Ronald Alan Wooley, Kristie Mullins Slone, Peter Sigilai, Ashley Nicole Scott, Jordan Christine Robinson, Natashua L. Leonard, Jennifer Dawn Laswell, Dustin Knights, Nicole L. Kennedy, Mary. W. Jones, Jessica K. Isaac, Jimmy Lane Hamm, Emma Nicole Glancy, Myron DeWitt Douglas, Blake Austin Dobbs.
Master of Science: Jessica Lynn Combs, Jennifer L Robinson Skaggs, Mary Liane Taylor, Elli Gillian Pace, Alyson Marie Layne; Master of Science in Nursing, Donita Lynn Cantrell, Jennifer Pearce Griffin, Tammy Lynn Meade, Amie Elisabeth Osborne, Sarah Masters, Jared Allen Norvell, Jun Matsuno, Ross Thomas Lingenfelder, Simon D. Holzapfel, Clay A. Sanders, Fatai Halaapiapi, Candace Young, Allisha Rose Guzdial, Stephon Burton; Master of Science, Chanté Elise Bowman.
College of Justice & Safety: Elizabeth Ann Adams, Jedidah Edward Grant Shepherd, Holly Harker Buckenroth, Deborah Ann Glenn, Donald Frank Gagas, Clyde D. Fletcher, Matthew J. Flanagan Jordan Cheshire Dalrymple, Scott Nelson Bredthauer, Conrad Morgan Lanham, Polina Karpova, Jonathan A. Felden, Craig R. Jankowski, Cassandra Faye Tate, Alyssa N. Lawrence, Angie L. Wheaton, Ethan Maxwell Higgins, Timothy Patrick Knepp, Jr., John Garten, Danny Bryant Gaddie, Stanley P. Cooper, Emily E. Conder, Kaye Nicole Pickett, Erick Gregory Quayle, Madeline Marie Potter, Roger Lee Osborne, Melanie R. Middleton, Alison H. King, Keith S. Joy, Heather Nicole Hyatt.
Bachelor of Arts College of Health Sciences: Andrew Wesley Hogg, summa cum laude; Desmond Scott Francis, Amber Michelle Truluck, Hannah Renee Brewer, David Lynn Tackett, Brittney Montgomery, Rebecca Dunn-Cassell, Delia Lea Price, Monica Renée Boyd, Silvia A. Hill, Daria Noelle Bauer, Jennifer Dawn Rose, Cody Ryan Wilson, Candyce [indiscernible] [01:12:44] Morrison, Lindsay Kae Zahn, Shawn Johnson, Kathleen Bailey Gross, magna cum laude, Madison J. Mobelini, Stephen Tyler Gardner, Darlene Nichole Newsome Hulberg, Angela Faye Shaw, Tonisha Nokomas Palmer, Dana Nichole Cox, Ashley Renée Napier, Dean Romero [phonetic] [01:13:48] Jeremiah D. Williams, Angelo Villarreal, Christian Gabriel Molina, Jordan Ryan Turner, Kirstie Lauren Gillespie, cum laude.
Bachelor of Science: Andrew Mason Grider, Andrew Jeffrey Curtis Hatton, Stephen Glenn Smith Jr., Phillip Kurt Walter, Jacob A. Baker, cum laude, Kyle Kethan Marcum, summa cum laude, Eric R. Davidson, Tiffany Latasha Marie Cromer, cum laude, Jason Scott Pack, magna cum laude, Joshua Robert Hartlage, magna cum laude, Megan Elizabeth Click, Kayla L. Wood, Sherri Denise Parson, Whitney Brooke Graves, Whitney Paige Luther, Samantha Jo Brunner, Sarah J. Prewitt, Deborah Gail Perata, Stephanie R. Strange, Olesya Korotyuk, [indiscernible] [01:16:25] Christopher James Troutman, Timothy Rashad Berkemeier, Zachary Daniel Brown, Adam Michael Rush, Kelsey Nicole Mehuron, Katherine Hope Albrecht, summa cum laude, Brooke Erin Sneed, cum laude, Kelli Jo Stapp, cum laude, Stephanie Nicole Quinn, Lindsey Marie Wilhoit, summa cum laude, Anne Marie Dostart, cum laude, Kayla Marie Cornwell, magna cum laude, Toni Marie Michalski, Kelly Lee Price, summa cum laude, Christa Ann Olson, Allison Kirby Maggard, summa cum laude, Ashley Leann Abrams, cum laude, Brigette B. Kunkel, summa cum laude, Lauren Michelle Roberts, Megan McKenzie Prewitt, Samantha Jo. Kroeger, McKenzie Dawn Katzman, cum laude, Logan Parker Robinson, magna cum laude, Spencer Ross Mullins, magna cum laude, Amy Michelle McGarry, Ashleigh Nicole Richmond, Savanna Florene Griffith, Laura Elizabeth Ross, Ashton Marie Rapelje, Victor Kemboi, Maria Florencia Sebastiani, cum laude, Cassandra Marie Lavender, Sydney L. Petersen, summa cum laude, Arial M. Hopkins, cum laude, Brittany Anne Soltess, magna cum laude, Alexa Brooke Weigel, summa cum laude, Jayme Michelle Mills, Kimberlee Ann Collins, Caitlin Renee Frommeyer, cum laude, Erica Lyn King, cum laude, Kayla Marie Houston, magna cum laude, Elizabeth Ann Marcum, Lisa Ann Grossman, summa cum laude, Courtney Geree Jones, cum laude, Kayla Sue Lee, magna cum laude, Megan Ann Winter, Andrew William Brubaker, cum laude, Sarah Elizabeth Ashworth, Thomas E. Stephens, Carrie Ann Richardson, Ethan Micah Wickline, Christina Susan Pescatore, Ashley Marie Christman, Jennifer R. Brown, summa cum laude, Eden Ernestine Fisher, Jessica Lindsey Miller, Justin Dean Kurtz, magna cum laude, James Scott Holtsclaw, Travis Martin Rawe, Lindsay Kay Perry, Elizabeth Anne Hammelrath, Cody Blair Vinsant, Maegan Nadine Hambrick, Corinne Marie Piepmeyer, Whitney Alexandra Brockman, Andrea Elizabeth Danley, cum laude, Brittany Thea Chase Taylor, summa cum laude, Carmen Alexandra Moore, Donna Marie Moseley, magna cum laude, Lindsey Rachele Damron, Zachary Aaron Flynn, Christina Marie Pelfrey, summa cum laude, Nicole Paige Hubbard, Jennifer Dean Drake, Sophia A. Franzen, Kara Rae Cobb, Samantha L. Daniels, Tyler Keith Horn, magna cum laude, Jacqueline Suzanne Peters, Benjamin Spencer Myers, cum laude, Justin David Frizzell, William Chadrick Wayne Witzel, Adam Corey Diamond, summa cum laude, Kayla Renee Goyette, Hannah M. Wagner, magna cum laude, Candace Lynn Mosby, George Kody Thompson, magna cum laude, Drew Daniel Kraemer, Eric Grant Soister, Nathan Ryan Renfrow, Kevin Lee Abbott, Sidney Jo Allen, David Lee Johnson, Edgar Dale Barnett II, Anthony Bradley Reed, Lindsey McKae Addison, Cejay Ceniza, Brooklyn Fox, Zachary Edward Charles Choate, Ethan Michael Filowiat, Brett Neil Arnett, Lauren Elizabeth Koontz, [phonetic] [01:25:42] cum laude, Brittany Evans, Johnna Callie Edrington, Brianna Carol Stinson, Sara Morgan Jacobi, Ashley C. Buck, Kelsi Rae Colwell, Erin DeWitt Drury, Cynthia Lauren Johnson, Elizabeth Porter Russell, Sara Lynn Poole, Katherine S. Hahn, summa cum laude, Elizabeth Anna Huff, Tasha Leann Stanfield, cum laude, Jaime N. Lundblad magna cum laude, James Kevin Bruce II, Margaret Grace Doty, cum laude, Gregory Earl Adams, Christopher P. Heil, Lara’e Darcel Allen, Mariha Danielle Ervin, Martez Lamont Reed, Demetria Rochelle Nichols, Emily Michelle Pontrich, cum laude, Rachel Janelle Kirkpatrick, summa cum laude, Sharmon Marie Young, cum laude, Carlena Elizabeth Hale, Chun-Wei Liu, Haley Elizabeth Greene, cum laude, Deaaron Lamar McCann, Jennifer Nicole Blair, magna cum laude, Hensley Laray Rector, cum laude, Andrea Michel Brinegar, Samantha Siegler Snyder, Elizabeth Marie Bredwell, Ashley Louise Cramer, Alishia Naomi McKiernan, Leslie Jeannette Walter, Lauren Dionne Wagers, Candice Larae Jarvis, cum laude, Tara Elizabeth Frohlich, cum laude, Norma Kathleen Proffitt, Kendra Lee Taylor, Macy Shanea Cornett, Frederick Nathan Parks, David Israel, Willie Cruz, Misty Hess, Stephanie Kendra Danielle Smith, Emily Masters Tingle, Corina Michelle Singleton, Amanda Denise Webb, Ralph William McDonie III, Bethany Christine Miller, Deborah Hope Farmer, Kassey Elizabeth Karr, Danielle Ashley Blair, Melissa Renea Warren, cum laude, Michael Nodine, Dajuane Marchese Harris, Zachary Marcus McGuire, Amanda S. Caldwell, Stevie Lane McMaine, Megan Michelle Horn, Katie Hannah Eversole, Ashley Nicole Kilburn, Tiffany Roundtree; summa cum laude.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Casi Latricia Brooks, Hollie Marie Branham, Olivia Kalyn Bach, Hannah Christine Peterson, cum laude, Ashley Nicole Hild, Kayla Elizabeth Lewis, Holly Ann Gardner, cum laude, Jessica Marie Kingsley, Lindsay Rae Crum, Courtney Amanda Minnis, Stephanie Lauren Wicker, Breanna Kristine Laakkonen, Shane David Slone, magna cum laude, Kayla P. Estep, Chelsea Marie Witt, summa cum laude, Nikki Cheree Robinette, Nancy Ann Skinner, Hannah Ellen Gore, cum laude, Rachell Layne Roser, cum laude, Stephanie Denise Burke, Binty Kunwar Chhetri, Sabita Thapa, Kimberly G. Peterson, Carrie Renee Felts, magna cum laude, Jennifer Zetter, Stephanie Michelle Langefeld, Leah Carole Thompson, Jennifer Darby, Angelene Sylvester, Evelyn Marie Sprague, Lauren E. Jacob, cum laude, Courtney A. Walters, cum laude, Janice Lovett King, Narayana Gabriel Dasilva, Aubrey Ann Boyers, Shellie Clines, Kelly Anne Caudill, Gaurab Sharma Lamsal, Elizabeth Uys, cum laude, Melissa Ann Taylor, Justina Renae Powell, cum laude, Ivey Leshea Smith-Mills, Kristie H. Gregory, cum laude.
Associate of Science in Nursing: Marcia Lynn Gay, Natasha Paige Wiles, Mary Christie Crase, Jamie Lynne Webb, Danita Coffey, Patricia Nicole Clark, David Cody Dugger, Wendy Long, Jennifer Leigh Justice, Jasmine Renea Bailey, Lauren Ashley Bowling, Claire Victoria Keyes, Shanna Louise Kincer, Alexandra Dawn Yount, Charlotte Maria Shelton, Sarah Elizabeth Elliott, Jessielene Nicole Minga, Amber Nicole Marlow, Chasity Ann Frith, Elizabeth Ann Boggs, Christopher Keith Lingar, Jeannie E. Crabtree, Hope Nichole Johnson, Matthew Clark, Cheree Nichole Schmidt, Laura Ann Smith, Brandi Michelle Browning, Emily Dawn Weddle, Alyssa Dawn Sandusky, Alison Meredith Hopkins.
Associate of General Studies: Katherine Beth Holman Samuel, Cassandra Fuscardo, Tiffany Marie McCain. Associate of Applied Science: Rebecca Jane Burns, Rossyl Sombe, Vanessa McGowan, Jo Ann Vanzant, Lara Vanhoose, Stacey Ayers, Alexandria Allison, Nicholas Bolduc, summa cum laude, Dana Brown, Steven Carroll, Adam Coomes, Jacob Critchley, Daniel Dixon, Brandon Dials, Carrie Arps, Davin Danielle Belt, James Boles, Charles Barris [phonetic] [01:40:32] David Boyd, Stevi Combs, Daniel Bailey, Jacob Agee, Caleb Duncan, Roger Adair.
College of Justice & Safety, Bachelor of Arts: Janie Howard, Stephanie Whitaker, Ethan Bens, Michael Pack, Joseph Davis, Stephanie Cooper, Joshua Chambers, Kevin Green, Kelsey Brewer, cum laude, Cody Sparks, cum laude, Adam Renn, Cory Lane, cum laude, Kiker Moses, Nicholas Ulery, Willard Ore, Lindsey Coon, Derek Dillman, Robert Tudor, cum laude, Matthew Courtney, Kevin Doyle, magna cum laude, Kendra Durham, Heather Draper, Brandy Dubrasky, Brian Edger, Trevor Elmore, cum laude, Boyce England, Paula Fields, Derek Fosson, Theodore Fritz, Justin Garrett, Dustin Gigandet, Crystal Giles, Jessica Gillis, Aaron Goforth, Katelynn Griffin, magna cum laude, Adam Griggs, Travis Hollowell, Matthew Hastings, Robert Hardman, Cory Hutchison, Jordan Henson, summa cum laude, Elliott Hicks, cum laude, Michael Heath, Patrick Henson, Jordan Hoskins, Benjamin Kennedy, Ethan Jennings, James Jones II, Caitlin Klever, cum laude, Justin Larosa, Eric Curran, David Petrow, Eric Hamm, magna cum laude, Brandon Hays, Bryan Hearne, Logan Thrash, Daniel Kirstein, Matthew Ledford, Nicholas Fazzio, magna cum laude, Daniel Potts, John Swiger, Leighton Hudson, cum laude, Thomas Lively, magna cum laude, Anthony Merkel, Anthony Merriman, Stuart Jackson, Daniel King, Andrea Kobryn, magna cum laude, Lauren Ishmael, Zachary Lamb, magna cum laude, Jeremiah Lewis, Justin Lunsford, Amanda Kuhn, Alison Grimes, Matt Michalowski, magna cum laude, Patrick Mullen, Sean Cady, cum laude, Kenton Baker, Zachary Vorel, Kylie Becker, Tyler Fitts, Christopher Darmon, cum laude, Eric Lindemann, Donald Knoll, Phillip Powers, Adam Remines, Daniel Meyer, Justin Ratcliff, James Roman Sr., magna cum laude, Julie Rossman, Jeffrey Miniard, Jessica Patterson, Jaclyn Mullins, Robert Williams Schmidt, Grant Polson, summa cum laude, Derek Miracle, George Warren, Zachary Rydner [phonetic] [01:48:12] Daniel Riley, Hannah Spencer, Spencer Snowball [phonetic] [01:48:27] Michael Sturm, Tyler Stein, Joseph Spicer, Rex Scott, Julian White, William Bevill, Jessica Warren, Kristina Beighle, Gregory Dunn, Adam Lange, Brendon Gregory, Brendon Kinsella, cum laude, Kyle Silvers, Aaron Sisco, Christopher Marell, Dustin North, cum laude, Dorissa Dotson, Jennifer Gross, cum laude, Thomas Crowder, Dustin Riddle, Jenny Lucas, Joseph Filiatreau, Lisa Satterly-Smyth, Mariah Aubrey, Brittany Marcum, Jonathan Reed, Zachary Aust, cum laude, Hillary Ann Wilson-Yue, Tyler Taylor, Brandon Terrell, Thomas Taylor, Christopher Wilkinson, Winston Shelton, Elisha Reynolds, Barbara Michelle Heinrich, Katherine Lynn Stave, Ichiro Chiba Vance, Joseph Vance, cum laude, Ryan Villarino, cum laude, Joseph Wisniewski, summa cum laude, Ryan Woody, Cory [indiscernible] [01:51:51] cum laude, Andrew Barnott, cum laude, Andrew Roe, Nathan Parker, Timothy Lenhart, Trevor Collier, Michael Stanisz, Rolando Thacker, Elizabeth Wheeler, Dawn Rayburn, cum laude, Theisha Sowders, Joshua Smith, Kevin Glueckert, Benjamin Degenhardt, Dawnrisha Talbott, Travis Brown, Lauren Duhan, magna cum laude, Tuesday Benedict, Steven Davis, magna cum laude, Alan Hill with distinction, cum laude, Joey Taylor, Muteb Alkhaldi, Ali Alkhaldi, Mohammed Alzemam, Mushari Alkhaldi, Hamad Alkhaldy, Mohammed Alkhaldi, Naif Alkhaldi, Jalisa Bryant, Breanna Shaw, Devona Osborne.
Associate of Science and Paramedicine: Patricia Sanders. College of Justice & Safety Associate of Science and Paramedicine: Revelle Moore Berry.
Dr. Doug Whitlock: Graduates, if you have not done so already, please move your tassels from right to left. Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Hudnall, Professor of Military Science will now issue the military oath of office to second lieutenants, Kelsey Brewer, Cory Lane, Adam Renn, Cody Sparks and Nicholas Ulery. At this time with the parents of our commissionees and all my fellow veterans, please stand and remain standing for the oath of office.
Lt. Col. Ralph Hudnall: Raise your right hand and repeat after me. I, state your full name, having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States in the grade of second lieutenant do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God. Congratulations lieutenants.
Dr. Doug Whitlock: Alumni are very important in the life of the university and we are very fortunate at Eastern to have the loyal support of more than 135,000 graduates. I will now present Tonya Tarvin Crum, President of our International Alumni Association and ask her to offer greetings to our newest alumni.
Tonya Tarvin Crum: Thank you, President Whitlock. This morning graduates you are joining a very special group of individuals, men and women from all over the world who have brought great honor to this institution by distinguishing themselves in their careers and in their communities, much like President Whitlock who has honored our institution with his dedication and leadership. In your time here at EKU, I hope that in addition to your academics, you have learned the importance of service. It is my hope that as you go into your communities, enter into the workforce that you will give back with acts of service and that when you’re settled into your career, consider giving of your time to Eastern Kentucky University. Being a graduate of this institution gives me great pride and I am always sharing about The Campus Beautiful. I hope that you will find the opportunities to share with others about your experiences here. Now spring 2013 graduates, would you please stand.
By virtue of the degree conferred upon you by the faculty and Board of Regents of Eastern Kentucky University, I hereby declare you to be members of the Eastern Kentucky University International Alumni Association with all the rights and privileges of membership. Congratulations and welcome. You may be seated.
Dr. Doug Whitlock: I want to thank our musicians for this ceremony, Dr. Joyce Wolf and Dr. Richard Crosby, both of our outstanding music faculty, our banner bearers were Gina Purdue for the Graduate School, Christopher James Troutman for the College of Health Sciences, and Patricia Sanders for the College of Justice & Safety. Our sign language interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing are Keara Beck and Tammy Cantrell. Graduates I call to your attention and commend to your later reading the charge to the graduating class, which constitutes the last page in your commencement program. That was written in 1960 by Dr. Robert R. Martin, the sixth President of Eastern Kentucky University and the first Eastern graduate to ever serve as President.
And please indulge me a moment as I speak to my new brothers and sisters, over the coming months and years you will come to know what I and more than 135,000 EKU graduates have learnt. As you collaborate with and compete against graduates from other institutions, including those with named brands, you will realize your Eastern education has not left you short-changed. Our outstanding faculty takes great pride in educating critical and creative thinkers who can communicate, and to hear that repeated to us today out by one of our student shows that it must be taking. Those abilities combined with your discipline specific backgrounds have prepared you for leadership. Remember this is Eastern Kentucky University and you can get there from here. Now for one last time, let’s recognize with a hearty round of applause Eastern Kentucky University’s newest graduates.
Please stand now for the alma mater led by doctors Wolf and Crosby followed by the recessional. As the recessional begins, please remain standing until the platform party has left the arena floor.
Directory: sites -> video.eku.edu -> files -> files
sites -> Fighting Fit: Exploring Military Medicine (1850-1950)
sites -> 9. 5 Political Powers and Achievements Tom Burns- beacon High School
sites -> Indiana Academic Standards Resource Guide World History and Civilization Standards Approved March 2014
sites -> Penn State Harrisburg American Studies/Women Studies 104: Women and the American Experience Spring 2015 Instructor: Kathryn Holmes
sites -> Penn State Harrisburg am st/wmnst 104: Women and the American Experience Spring 2015 Instructor: Kathryn Holmes
sites -> Abolition and Women’s Rights Chap. 14 Se
sites -> In the years between the Seneca Falls Convention and the Civil War, powerful links existed between antislavery and women’s rights advocates. Virtually all women’s rights advocates supported abolition
files -> Dr. Doug Whitlock: Good evening. Good evening and welcome to Eastern Kentucky University Spring 2013 commencement exercises

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