Double Entry Journal Assignment for Farewell to Manzanar

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Double Entry Journal Assignment for Farewell to Manzanar

While you are reading Farewell to Manzanar, you are going to keep a double entry journal. For each chapter you will record ONE quote which strikes you as significant in some way. There are 22 chapters, so you will need a total of 22 quotes with responses. Put quotation marks around the quote (regular for narrative and triple quotes for dialogue) and the page number of the quote in parentheses at the end of the quote. See examples below. You will write a response to each quote. This response will include:

  • Begin with a one line summary of the situation. For example: Papa’s Aunt Toyo is talking to Woody while he is on leave from the Army and visiting Japan. Details are important.

  • Who is speaking? Why? Where? When? How you feel about what is being said?

  • What is the quote referring to? Your responses need to show you know exactly what is happening in the chapter. Do not be vague or generalize.

  • Know and name the character(s) being referred to. Do not say “this character” or “this person.” How you feel about the character? NAMES BEGIN WITH CAPITAL LETTERS!

  • What is the setting, the situation? What you think is going to happen next?

  • Make a connection to another work of literature, or connect with insights that relate to your own or a friend’s life, or connect to news that is going on in the world.

Your response should be a minimum of four well-crafted sentences (not bullet points or fragments). It must be typed, double-spaced, and in 12 pt. font. You can divide the paper into two columns and have the quotes on the left and your responses on the right, or you can follow the format below with the quote in italics followed by the response.


My mother began to weep. It seems now that she wept for days. She was a small, plump woman who laughed easily and cried easily, but I had never seen her cry like this. I remember clinging to her legs, wondering why everyone was crying.” (9)

Papa has been taken away, and the family does not know where he is until Mama sees an article in the newspaper saying he had been arrested for delivering oil to Japanese submarines offshore. I feel like the little girl is very observant and manages to convey her mother’s personality in one or two sentences. I feel very sorry for Jeanne; what an anxious time it must have been for her and her family! Hopefully, her father will come home next, but I’m afraid they may all get taken away. This quote makes me think of when I didn’t want my Mom to leave me for the first day of Kindergarten. I clung to her legs hoping she wouldn’t leave –only it was me crying instead of her.


“’The more of us who go into the Army, the sooner the war will be over, the sooner you and Mama will be out of here.’” (83)

Your journal is due on WEDNESDAY< 10/12/15. This is considered a long-term assignment, so remember to turn it in on time or I will not be able to accept it.

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