Dossier 17 September 1997 Letter to the Taliban

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WLUML Dossier 17 September 1997


September 1997

Letter to the Taliban

by Muslim Women's Organisations
We the undersigned representatives of Muslim women’s organizations concerned about the negative media reports of the apparent transgressions and abuses against our Muslim sisters in Afghanistan.
Wish To:
Ask the leadership of the Taliban to clarify their position on the status and role of Afghan women in society.
Recall That:
Fourteen centuries ago Islam liberated women and guaranteed them dignity and full rights to participate in the building and well-being of their communities at all levels.
The right of women to work outside of the home was secured and recognized.
The right and obligation of women as well as men to seek knowledge and education was mandated in the Qur’an and confirmed in the Hadith.
Women appearing in public without face covering was allowed.
And the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in times of war did not restrict women but, involved them in the whole process and quickly punished any men attempting to mistreat or abuse women.
Call upon our Muslim brothers of the Taliban movement to:
Ensure the respect and dignity of Afghan women according to the tenets and teachings of Islam by:
Swiftly punishing any instigators of acts of violence against women.
Immediately remove all alleged restrictions to access to education, work, and public movement of women and girls.
To demonstrate to the world by their positive action in regard to girls and women that Islam is not a religion which is anti-knowledge, anti-wisdom, and anti-women.
Aida Krzic (The Islamic Community in Bosnia-Hercegovina)

Seremet Bahrija (Women 21) Sarajevo

Salma Maouludi (Tanzania Muslim Women)

Nafize Sisman (Project Production Group) Turkey

Munire Yarar (Autumn Initiative Group) Turkey

Najwa Abdulwahab, Britain

Mehlika Misiroglu, Turkey

Merve Kavakei (Refah Party Women’s Commission) Turkey

Batoul Moh (International Organization for Muslim Women) Sudan

Bilqis Al-Sharie (International Organization for Muslim Women) Yemen

Aisha Lemu (Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria) Nigeria

Saddeka M. Arebi, U.S.A.

Senay Akar (Multi-Cultural Education Training Center for Muslim Women) Koln, Germany

Eidch Mustafa Mutlaq (General Federation of Jordanian Women) Amman, Jordan

Irwani A. Jaffar (Muslim Converts Association of Singapore) Singapore

Suba Taji Farouki, Britain

Maimuna Sanchez (Azzaagra Cultural Association) Granada, Spain

Sharifa Alkhateeb (The North American Council for Muslim Women) U.S.A.

Sharifah Aminah (Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia-ABIM) Malaysia

Wisal al Mahdi (International Union for Muslim Women) Sudan

Fawzia Al-Ashmawi (International Islamic Relief Organization) Switzerland

Homayra Etemadi (International Working Group on Refugee and Displaced Women) Geneva


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