Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is physical, economic, emotional, or sexual abuse directed by one adult towards their partner (usually done by a man to a woman). It can involve isolation, intimidation, stalking, and threats. This issue is very traumatizing not only to the victim but also sometimes to the victim’s family. In many cases children are the victim. Children witnessing domestic violence in the home can experience fear, horror, guilt, and anger. Domestic violence is found nearly everywhere including the community of greater Lansing.
In 2005 there were 70,056 domestic violence cases reported in Michigan; 2,596 cases were reported in Lansing. 7,979 of these Michigan cases were involving victims 19 years of age and younger. Out of the 7,979 cases, 58 ended in murder and 779 involved rape.
Thankfully, there are places to go to get help. The MSU Safe Place serves victims around the East Lansing and Lansing community who need somewhere safe to go and stay. It provides a secure home and such assistance as support services, advocacy, and community education at no cost. There are not many volunteer opportunities for MSU Safe Place but they have many items they would like for their safe house and are always in need of financial donations. Both these options would help in making these unfortunate victims feel loved and safe. You can get involved by going to the website,, and looking at the needs list and volunteer opportunities ( You can also help by having fundraisers or donating money directly to the MSU Safe Place. There are many agencies like this nationally and globally with the same goal of helping domestic violence victims.
Local Resources

Locally there are many agencies trying to help domestic violence victims around the greater Lansing community. Many agencies, like MSU Safe Place, provide a comforting place for victims to stay and try to stop domestic violence from happening with the help of police. Some of these agencies include EVE, Inc., Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and the Listening Ear Crisis Intervention Center. MSU Safe Place is a free and confidential program whose primary purpose is to ensure the personal safety, welfare and dignity of those who experience domestic violence within the MSU and Lansing community.

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Web Resources

  • The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

  • EVE, Inc.:

  • Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence:

  • The Listening Ear Crisis Center:

  • Here is a link to more links provided by MSU Safe House:

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