Domestic Animal Management Plan City of Greater Geelong draft 2013 2017 table of contents

Dog Controls in Coastal and Other Open Space Areas

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Dog Controls in Coastal and Other Open Space Areas

The following maps (15 in total) show various coastal beaches, reserves and open space areas within the City of Greater Geelong. The maps commence at the south western boundary of the municipality and work around the coastline to the north eastern boundary near Little River.

A summary of the maps are:



Map 1

Overview of Municipality Coastline.

Map 2

Designated ‘Off Leash - Supervised’ Areas within Sporting Complexes and Reserves.

Map 3

Redgum Island, Fyansford Common – Barwon River.

Map 4

Breamlea Beach and Bancoora Beach.

Map 5

Ocean Grove, Collendina and Point Lonsdale Beaches.

Map 6

Black Rock; Thirteenth Beach; Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. Land is managed by Barwon Coast Committee of Management who has determined existing dog controls. Council has adopted these dog control controls.

Map 7

Swan Bay and Edwards Point. Land is managed by Parks Victoria.

Map 8

St Leonards; Indented Heads and Portarlington Beaches. Land is managed by Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of Management who determines their dog control orders. Council at its discretion may adopt such orders.

Map 9

Ramblers Road; The Dell; Jetty Road and west of Jetty Road Beaches Clifton Springs.

Map 10

Point Henry (east and west side).

Map 11

Waterfront Precinct, Geelong.

Map 12

Western Beach; Rippleside Beach and St Helens Beach.

Map 13

Moorpanyal Beach, North Shore; Shell Foreshore (beach area); Grammer School beach; Limeburners Lagoon and Avalon Beach.

Map 14

Batesford Reserve, Batesford.

Map 15

Land along Barwon River from Queens Park Bridge to Breakwater. This land is managed by Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (with a small portion managed by Barwon Water near the MacIntyre Footbridge).Existing dog controls have been implemented by these land managers and Council does not have the authority to amend these controls.

Colour coding of the maps demonstrates dog controls at a glance. The category of controls in turn relate back to Council’s Policy on Dogs in Public Places

It should be noted that the maps are not inclusive of all open space areas within the City of Greater Geelong. The areas depicted are those where Council has made a decision in relation to dog controls. As the plan evolves more open space areas may become subject to ‘On Leash – Supervised’ requirements.


Outline programs for the training of authorised officers to ensure that they can properly administer and enforce the requirements of this Act in the Council's municipal district.

Current Situation

The following information provides an overview of the City of Greater Geelong, for which Council’s Animal Management Officers deliver service to:

  • The Census population of the City of Greater Geelong in 2011 was 215,151 and living in 95,753 dwellings.

  • The City encompasses 1250 square kilometres, 349 reserves and parks, 1,300 kilometres of footpaths and shared use paths, 115 kilometres of creeks and trails and a vast coastline covering approximately 100 kilometres

  • As at 2012 the City had:

  • 35,918 registered dogs

  • 10,598 registered cats, and

  • 25 registered animal businesses including pet shops and boarding kennels

  • The City’s Animal Management Team consist of the following Authorised Officers including:

  • 1 x Team Leader Animals and Information Services

  • 5 x Animal and Information Services Officers

  • 1 x Animals Collection Officer

  • 1 x Registration & Patrol Officer

Councils Policies and Procedures

  • Learning and Development Policy

  • Performance Management Policy

  • Risk Management Policy

  • Health and Local Laws OH&S Operational Guidelines

  • Corporate Training Calendar

  • City Safe Training Calendar

  • Work Instructions are available to guide Officers in the performance of their duties.


All Authorised Officers are required to have qualifications in Certificate 4 Animal Control and Compliance as well as a Certificate 4 in Government Statutory Compliance to be employed with the City of Greater Geelong. Each Officer must successfully complete training in animal handling, and prosecutions including statement taking.
Council maintains a training register detailing all qualifications and training courses completed by each Authorised Officer. Annually a formal performance review is conducted at which time training and development opportunities for the subsequent year are discussed.
The City offers a number of training events via the Corporate Training Calendar which Authorised Officers are encouraged to participate in.

Our Plans

  • Preferable to recruit all new staff with at a minimum Certificate 4 Animal Control and Compliance, and Certificate 4 Government Statutory and Compliance. Alternatively staff are trained within 15 months of employment

  • Identify required training for Authorised Officers and source appropriate training

  • All staff to be encouraged to participate in Council’s Corporate Training Calendar

  • Review the Local Laws training register to ensure appropriate training is being undertaken.

Objective 1: Ensure Animal Management Officers possess adequate qualifications and skills and undergo appropriate training/re-training relevant to the functions and roles of an Authorised Officer.




Certificate 4 Animal Control and Compliance

As required

Preferable to recruit staff with these qualifications and undertake all staff are trained within 15 months of employment

Certificate 4 Government Statutory Compliance

As required

Preferable to recruit staff with these qualifications and undertake all staff are trained within 15 months of employment

To incorporate the evaluation of training undertaken in the Annual Staff Review process


Identified in Annual Review Process

Additional corporate training such as OH&S, Customer Service, Risk Management, Community Education and Prosecutions



Undertake refresher training as required


As required

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