Domestic Animal Management Plan City of Greater Geelong draft 2013 2017 table of contents

Conditions Applicable to ‘Off Leash - Supervised’ Areas

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Conditions Applicable to ‘Off Leash - Supervised’ Areas

The following conditions must be followed when using the ‘Off Leash - Supervised’ Areas:

The handler must have a dog lead in their possession and place their dog back on the leash when leaving the off leash area.

  • The handler must be able to demonstrate audible control of the dog.

  • When encountering others/other dogs using this area, the dog must be recalled and restrained until both parties have moved apart at a safe distance.

  • Dogs must remain in visual and audible range of their handler to allow it to be effectively recalled at any time.

  • Dogs must not enter water habitats that contain wildlife or chase wildlife in these areas;

  • Dogs attracted to the motion of wheels must be controlled at all times.

  • Dogs declared menacing/dangerous/restricted breed are not permitted to be walked off-lead in ‘Off Leash – Supervised’ areas, and

  • Dogs that are aggressive to people or other dogs, behave in an anti social manner, or are over excitable should be muzzled when in public and not to be off leash.


  • Signs will clearly indicate those parks, reserves or public open spaces where dogs are permitted to be off a leash and supervised. (see Appendix 1 and 2)

On Leash ‘Controlled’ Areas

  • Within the City of Greater Geelong, unless otherwise designated by signage, all public open space areas shall be designated as ‘On Leash - Controlled’ areas. Public Open Space Areas (includes roads, footpaths, beaches, reserves, parks, playgrounds and other council lands and buildings)

More specifically this includes:

  • All roads and footpaths/nature strips.

  • Shopping centres.

  • High use areas pedestrian and/or cycling areas (for example the Waterfront Precinct in Geelong).

  • Sporting complexes and reserves (not including playing area) during times of organised sports (as defined by a formal booking with council which includes times booked for sports practice/training).

  • At Council sanctioned events, markets etc.

  • Shared use paths or walking paths and including areas either side of the abutting edge of the path; (except those in designated ‘Off Leash – Supervised’ areas).

  • Dogs being within and/or tethered within ten (10) metres of children’s play equipment.

  • Dogs being within and/or tethered within ten (10) meters of picnic and barbecue areas (as defined by council provided barbecues and/or table and associated seating).

  • In areas designated as environmentally significant

  • Jetties and piers.

  • Water bodies such as creeks, rivers, lakes, and beaches (ocean, bay) unless signposted as a dedicated swimming area for dogs.

  • Beach foreshore and coastline areas (except those designated otherwise).

Other public open spaces including conservation, park and recreation, public and open zones including:

  • Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ)

  • Public Conservation and Resources Zone (PCRZ)

Other zones that may contain open space include:

  • Urban Growth Zone (UGZ) – e.g. Armstrong Creek area

Conditions applying to all ‘On Leash Controlled Areas’ and ‘Off Leash Supervised Areas’

  • The handler must at all times have a means to pick up and dispose of dog droppings – penalties apply.

  • Dogs when tethered must never be left unattended anywhere e.g. play equipment, shopping precincts.

  • Leads must not exceed 2 metres in length.

  • Retractable leads must be restricted to 2 metres in length in ‘On Leash – Controlled’ areas, but may be used more liberally in ‘Off Leash - Supervised’ areas where there remains a need to have control over a dog.

Dog Control Categories

Dog Control Categories (applicable to coastline areas and other public open spaces as designated) will apply to reflect the needs of all public open space users and ensure community safety and environment protection.

Category 1 (Green) – Off leash ‘Supervised’ Area

  • Areas where dogs are permitted off leash and supervised all year round.

Category 2 (Yellow) – Conditional Off Leash ‘Supervised’ Area

  • Allow dogs off leash and supervised during specified times all year round; in the mornings prior to 10.00 a.m. and in the evenings after 5.00 p.m. Dogs would be required to be on leash at all other times.

  • On land managed by the Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of Management, allow dogs off leash and supervised at any times between May 1 and October 31 each year. Dogs would be prohibited during all other periods.

Category 3 (Blue) – Conditional On Leash ‘Controlled’ Area

  • On land managed by the Barwon Coast Committee of Management, allow dogs on leash and controlled at any times between 1 December to 17 December and 1 February to 30 April each year. Dogs permitted off leash and supervised between 1 May to 30 November.

  • Dogs would be prohibited at other times in designated areas as signed.

Category 4 (Brown) – On Leash ‘Controlled’ Area (Environmentally Sensitive Areas)

  • Areas where dogs are required to be on leash all year round due to:

  • environmental sensitivity

  • where there is an Order by Council

  • the land management authority (not being Council) has regulated dog access under their own rules or legislation

Category 5 (Purple) – Conditional On Leash ‘Controlled’ Area (Hooded Plover and Wildlife Zones)

  • Allow dogs on leash during specified periods as designated by signage including periods during the hood plover nesting season and/or other periods dedicated to protecting other wildlife (i.e. seals, penguins). Dogs are permitted to be off leash and supervised at other times/periods.

Category 6 (Red) - Exclusion Area All Year Round

  • Areas that will have dogs prohibited for reasons of:

  • extremely high environmental sensitivity;

  • where there is an Order by Council;

  • the land management authority (not being Council) has prohibited dogs under their own rules or legislation (effected by a dog control order).

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