Domestic animal management plan 2013-2017 Moreland City Council


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There are a number of benefits to registration including having pets returned to owners if lost or injured when wearing their registration tag:

Council collects valuable information about local animal populations so that Council can plan for and fund proactive programs and activities.

Legal responsibilities

All dogs and cats over three months of age are required to be microchipped prior to registration with Council. Microchipping and registering on a National Microchip database is not a substitute for Council registration.

Registration and identification

Council provides a unique registration tag to every pet registered. Prior to 2001 tags were issued annually. Moreland now issues “Forever” tags renewed annually avoiding plastic waste and saving costs. Replacement tags can be obtained from Council free of charge.

While the wearing of a Council registration tag is a legal requirement under the Domestic Animals Act, pet owners are encouraged to add another tag which indicates the pets name and the contact phone number of the owner.

Animal registration fees are set annually by Council and are payable by 9 April each year. Following an amendment by the State Government commencing 11 April 2013 microchipped only dog and/or cats will no longer be eligible for a reduced fee.

Reduced fees

Reduced registration fees are applicable for dog and /or cats which are:

  • Desexed

  • Over 10 years old

  • Kept for breeding by the proprietor of a domestic animal business conducted in registered premises

  • Registered with an applicable organisation, it the owners are member of the applicable organisation with which the animal is registered.

Additional dogs which are

  • Kept for working stock

  • Have undergone obedience training which complied with the regulations.

If the pet is currently registered with another Victorian Council the registration can be transferred free of charge. Unfortunately registration is not transferable between other Australian states.

Pro-Rata Fees

A sliding scale of pro-rata fees are available to allow discounted registration fees for pets dependant on which month in the annual registration year the pet is registered.

Registration / renewal of registration of dangerous and restrictive breeds

Council will continue to register and renew registration of dangerous and restricted breed dogs conditional on the requirements of the Domestic Animal Act 1994 and Domestic Animal Regulations 2010.

Animal Census

Council regularly conducts advertising campaigns to advise owners of their obligations to ensure that their pets are registered. Council’s Animal Management Officers investigate properties where it is alleged that an unregistered dog or cat is being kept. To support this activity Council will, at times, utilise trained contractors to visit each property within Moreland to ascertain whether a dog or cat is kept there.

Moreland registration data (2012)

Surveys undertaken have determined that there is an approximate average of 11 dogs per 100 households residing in an inner suburban municipality. This is lower than the State average of 16 due housing density and single occupancies.

Unregistered and un-owned cats continue to be a concern across all suburban municipalities.

Animals Registered

Estimated Number







Domestic Animal Businesses



Breakdown by status




Sterilised or microchipped


Unsterilised – concession


Sterilised or microchipped – concession





Sterilised or microchipped


Menacing / Restricted Breed / Dangerous Dog


Service dog (Guide, Police , etc)


Unsterilised – concession


Sterilised or microchipped – concession


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