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JPW: Junior Parents Weekend. LaFun

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JPW: Junior Parents Weekend.
LaFun: LaFortune Student Center.
Legends: The restaurant, pub and programming venue. Brings in live entertainment and has a nightclub open late nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights.
Library Circle: Pick up/drop off spot at the east end of the Hesburgh Library.
Main Circle: Pick up/drop off spot near the old post office at the main campus entrance on Notre Dame Avenue.
MCOB: Mendoza College of Business.
Michiana: The name of the region along the border of Michigan and Indiana, including South Bend.
Mod Quad: Home to Knott Hall, Siegfried Hall, Pasquerilla East, and Pasquerilla West.
Monk: Affectionate nickname of the former University President Father Edward A. Malloy.

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