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FYO: First year orientation. God Quad

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FYO: First year orientation.
God Quad: Home to the Dome, the Basilica, Sorin College, Walsh hall and the statues of Jesus and Father Sorin.
Grab ’N Go: Convenient brown-bag breakfast, lunch, or dinner available from 7am to 7pm when classes are in session.
The Grotto: Replica of the Grotto of Lourdes, France where students can come to light a candle and spend some quiet time in reflection and prayer.
Hammes Bookstore at the Eck Center: The Bookstore and Bookstore Café.
Hammes-Mowbray Hall: New building on campus by Stepan Center. Houses the Notre Dame Post Office and ND Security/Police.
Hesburgh: 13 story Library with the mosaic of Touchdown Jesus on its façade. Also home to former University President Fr. Theodore Hesburgh (also the reason why you can’t go all the way up to the 13th floor…he lives there).
Huddle Mart: Small Convenient store in LaFortune where students can purchase food, drinks, toiletries, notebooks, and other base essentials such as the infamous Quarter Dogs.
insideND: Campus Portal which allows you access to Class Registration, Irish Link, etc. This site provides convenient access to Notre Dame Web services for students, faculty, and staff. With more than 100 content channels, the information you need is at your fingertips.
Joyce Center: This venue houses numerous campus events such as basketball, volleyball, ice hockey games, pep rallies, concerts, and lectures. Don’t be caught calling it the JACC (the Joyce Athletic & Convention Center).

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