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Bookstore Basketball: Largest 5 on 5 basketball tournament in the world. With over 500 teams competing every year, this tournament is truly a sight to see.
BP: Breen-Phillips Hall, a female dorm located on North Quad.
Broadwing: ND’s long distance phone service available on campus.
CCE: The Center for Continuing Education, located behind the old Post Office and DeBartolo Hall, in McKenna Hall.
COBA: former name for Mendoza College of Business, located next to DeBartolo Hall.
COMO: The Coleman-Morse Center. The building on South Quad that houses First Year of Studies, Campus Ministry, a computer cluster, and 24-hour space that offers free popcorn and soda (or pop for you mid-western people).
CSC: The Center for Social Concerns. The CSC is the place to go if interested in service projects and volunteer opportunities.
C.S.C.: Initials to designate members of the Holy Cross Religious Order. Don’t get the two “CSC’s” confused.

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