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RecSports: Intramural sports program at Notre Dame. Rector

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RecSports: Intramural sports program at Notre Dame.
Rector: Basically the person in charge of each dorm, i.e., the responsible adult.
The Rock: The Rockne Memorial Gymnasium located at the foot of the South Quad.
Rolfs: Athletic facility which is open to all students.
Soda: What normal people say when they are referring to soft drinks.
The Shirt: Football shirt that students wear to all the football games.
SMC: St. Mary’s College; an all women’s school located adjacent to Notre Dame.
South Quad: Home to O’Shag and the Rock and everything in between.
Stepan Center: The round, geodesic dome at East Gate. Don’t mix this up with Stepan Chemistry Hall.
Stonehenge: War Memorial Fountain located at the foot of North Quad.
SUB: Student Union Board that organizes activities for students.
SYR: Formerly known as “screw your roommate”, now changed to mean “set-up your roommate”, the SYR is a semi-formal dance.
TA: Teaching assistant; most large classes have TAs to assist the professor.
Tailgate: Pre-game festivities, usually occurring in the parking lot by the stadium, before all football games.

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