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Domer: Any ND student, past or present. du Lac

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Domer: Any ND student, past or present.
du Lac: Student handbook outlining all the rules of regulations at Notre Dame.
Fall Break: While most schools only get a few days off, the administration rewards us for our hard work with a whole week off during October. This is usually the first time you have the opportunity to return home since August, although some students choose to stay on campus or participate in service projects.
Fieldhouse Mall: Open area between Cavanaugh Hall and Stonehenge fountain. Warm weather brings campus bands, barbecues, and other fun things to do instead of studying.
Flex Points: The dollars that accompany the Flex 14 meal plan that can be used to buy some tasty snacks and beverages at the Huddle, Burger King, Reckers, and other campus food locations. All you do is swipe your ID and it comes out of your account.

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