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Dreamer Dolphin & Pod Relieve Angina

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Dreamer Dolphin & Pod Relieve Angina

Roxanne Kremer, a dolphin researcher working in the Amazon with the fresh water dolphins, reports the following. Her mother had had severe angina (severe pain in the chest) and had two angioplasty procedures to expand the coronary vessels. Generally, the procedure relieves the angina. In her case, the angina remained. Roxanne took her mother to Dolphins Plus where she swam with Dreamer and 3 other female dolphins. At one point in the swim, Dreamer and the other dolphins put their beaks on her chest. With that action, the angina was gone, and at last report, this had persisted for at least 2 years.8

        1. Dreamer Dolphin "Zaps" a Tumor

I have learned that a woman swimming with Dreamer thought she had been rammed. The woman was taken to hospital for examination. The woman had a large bruise. X-ray revealed that under the ribs, near the center of the bruised area, there was a small tumor. It is my feeling that Dreamer likely "zapped" the tumor with a powerful sound pulse, perhaps to heal it, and the high intensity sound left bruising from hydrostatic shock. At the least, the bruising called medical attention to the tumor.9

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