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  The Berkshire discoveries are based on a unique and fundamental understanding of the true relationship between energy and matter. Although matter can feel solid to one's touch, it is really just configured energy fields. The energy fields of different types of matter produce different and unique energy signatures which can be measured by many standard spectroscopic techniques. Aspects of these signatures can in turn be used to influence and control the different types of matter. This new perspective provides a unifying framework for existing physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as a conceptual platform for further innovations in the use of these well-established sciences. The implications for this new framework and understanding affect fields as distant from each other as agriculture, computers, chemical processes, electronics and medicine.

  Matter energy signatures are composed of many different kinds of energies such as electromagnetic (EM) waves, acoustic waves, electric fields, and magnetic fields. These energies exist in a continuous and interconnected framework from the largest structural levels down to the smallest molecular and atomic levels. The fundamental factor linking all these levels within the framework of matter energy signatures is frequency, from the 16 Hz brain wave frequency of an awake person to the 2.4 X 1015 Hz frequency of a hydrogen atom in that person.

  Because of this energy framework, matter converts or transduces different kinds of energies when the frequencies of the matter and energy match. Matching of frequencies is called resonance. When energy is resonant with matter, the energy transfers to and accumulates in the matter very efficiently. A well-known demonstration of the selective power of resonance is the shattering of a glass by Ella Fitzgerald's voice. Scientists "know" why this works, as is also true of the science behind the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse. Far fewer have considered how this fundamental phenomenon of nature can be put to work in the continuous energy framework of matter. The Berkshire advances make use of the highly efficient transfer of energy at resonant frequencies, even in seemingly complex systems.

  The Berkshire discoveries go further however, in making other, not quite so obvious, connections. Consider chemical reactions and physical catalysts. Generally speaking, catalysts speed up the rate of chemical reactions. Physical catalysts are composed of matter (configured energy) and thus absorb, transduce and emit unique energy signatures and frequencies. Berkshire has discovered that the energy patterns of physical catalysts resonantly transfer matching energies to other chemical species, thereby controlling chemical transformations and reaction pathways. For example, Berkshire has shown that when hydrogen and oxygen gases react over a platinum catalyst to form water, the physical platinum catalyst resonates with and transfers matching energy to the H and OH- intermediates, which in turn initiate a chain reaction from their more highly energized electronic states. The true role which physical catalysts play in chemical reactions is to energize other chemical species by the resonant transfer of matching energy. This energy can be used with, or in place of, physical catalysts. Because a catalyst's energy frequencies and signature are measured by spectroscopy, Berkshire calls a catalytic energy pattern a "spectral catalyst". A spectral catalyst is an energy pattern that catalyzes a reaction, such as the electronic energy frequencies of platinum in the water formation example discussed above.

  Many other factors besides physical catalysts affect the transformations and states of matter - environmental factors such as temperature, pressure, solvents, concentration, poisons, dopants, electric fields, and magnetic fields, to name a few. Science has studied these factors empirically for more than two centuries, without understanding the underlying mechanism shared by all these factors. Each of these empirically discovered factors have something in common - they each affect the signatures and frequencies of energy absorbed, transduced, and emitted by the matter. In so doing, those empirical factors alter the nature of matter's resonant transfer of energy. Thus all the above environmental factors share a common underlying mechanism, namely, they affect the transformations and states of matter by affecting the energy frequencies selectively absorbed, transduced, and emitted by that matter.


A. Chemicals - Chemical Reactions and Transformations

Berkshire has numerous patent applications issued and pending relating to spectral techniques for selectively affecting chemical reactions and transformations in all manner of chemical systems and states of matter, including solid, liquid, gas, and plasma states. These elegantly simple techniques make selective use of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, the entire acoustic spectrum, electric fields, magnetic fields, and matter itself. The Berkshire technology transforms these previously empirical factors into straight forward and calculable adjuncts to existing chemical and materials sciences.

B. Crystallization - Materials and States of Matter

Berkshire innovations include a unifying framework of energy techniques for selectively modifying crystal nucleation, growth rate, morphology, size, shape, composition, structure, and properties. Berkshire has conducted experiments in-house and with the Materials Research Laboratory at Penn State which conclusively show that crystal growth is affected by applying Berkshire's spectral chemistry techniques. For example, Berkshire has demonstrated the spectral growth of crystals from unsaturated solutions (thought to be impossible), increased crystal growth rates up to 1,800 times greater than normal, selective inhibition of crystal growth (e.g. contaminants), and protein crystal growth equivalent to that achieved in the low gravity environment of the space station.

C. Acousto-EM

Berkshire has recognized that the same energy with which Ella Fitzgerald can shatter a glass can also be used to help living things grow and function better. For example, Berkshire experiments have shown that acousto-EM energy can increase growth rates in both plants and fish. Other applications areas include new types of spectroscopy, new medical or anti-terrorism diagnostics, and selective eradication of micro-organisms such as viruses and nuisance organisms such as barnacles. The first of several broad acousto-EM patents is issuing to Berkshire for the enhancement of plants and aquatic species using acousto-EM energy.

D. Computers - Storage/Memory Devices and Data Processing

The magnetic data storage innovations described by Berkshire make use of the fundamental frequency and resonance relationship between matter and energy. These varying frequencies are found throughout the electro-magnetic spectrum and can be selectively detected and measured. The Berkshire magnetic data storage discovery uses discrete strengths of stored magnetic fields to produce different and discrete frequencies in matter. The frequencies are then assigned different digital values, such as "0", "1", "2", and "3", as in a quaternary software code. The Berkshire concepts go further however, and allow significant innovations in analog systems. In this case, a continuum of varying strengths of stored magnetic fields produce a varying continuum of frequencies in a medium. When this continuum of frequencies is detected and measured, the frequencies correlate with various analog data values.

E. Energy

The unique Berkshire technology includes spectral techniques which have been shown experimentally to selectively affect batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen production, conductivity, and superconductivity. Additionally, the chemical applications are directly applicable to current fossil fuel and petroleum technologies.


The Berkshire technologies unite the fields of chemistry, physics, and biology into a common framework. The new understandings provide far-reaching insights which have allowed conceptual leaps and innovations, such as those discoveries described above. Berkshire's continued exploration of the fundamental relationship between matter and energy is producing a chain of unique discoveries, linked by an elegantly simple and unifying framework.
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