Dolphins, Therapy & Autism

Appendix III. Dolphin Therapy Locations and Organizations

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Appendix III. Dolphin Therapy Locations and Organizations

Some of the Facilities or locations used for DAT and known to exist

Note: Some programs are run in non-managed situations, using free Dolphins. Other programs provide access to dolphins by arrangement with other facilities.


Dolphin Research Center

Theater of the Sea

Water Planet

Tel: (850) 230-6030
Phone Toll Free: (866) 449-5591

5605 Sunset Ave. Unit B

Panama City Beach, FL 32408


Mexico City (Delphinarium)


Grand Bahama (UNEXO)

Bimini (Spirit of the Dolphin and Dolphin Swim)


Eilat (Dolphin Reef Eilat)

Article on Eilat and therapy with an autistic child


Ukraine, on the Black Sea (Kazachya Bay Naval Base)


Big Island (Dolphin Connection)

Maui (POD Centre)


Sydney/Port Stephens (Dolphin Within)

Bunbury, WA. (Dolphin Discovery Centre)
Perth (UnderWater World)
Southport, Qld. (Sea World)
Coff's Harbour (Porpoise Pool)

Cooperating Organizations:

AquaThought, Miami, Florida

Dolphin Discovery: Fundacion Brewer, Mexico

Dolphin Connection, Hawaii

The Dolphin Society, Australia

The Dancing Dolphin Institute, Hawaii

Dolphin Reef Eilat, Israel

UNEXSO, Grand Bahamas

Upledger Institute, Florida

Dolphin Research Center, Grassy Key, Florida

Theater of the Sea, Little Duck Key, Florida

Dolphin Human Therapy

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