Dolphins, Therapy & Autism

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Overall Summary

We now see that sound and electromagnetic fields can change gene expression and water structure. We have determined that the proper EM and perhaps acoustic frequency can trigger any gene. We have seen how the packing of water affects the DNA. We further see that the dolphin’s sound and electromagnetic fields are well suited to cause such effects.

We now know the dolphins can cause micro-bubbles in tissues with their ultrasound signals and likely speed bone break healing.

There exists experimental data that unifies the effects we have been exploring. Berkshire Labs (Appendix IV.) has shown, among other things, that acoustic and electromagnetic fields can profoundly alter chemistry. They have found, for example, that the effects of a platinum catalyst can be duplicated by introduction of only the energy spectrum of the platinum! This suggests that energy fields are paramount, superceding mere matter.

Dr. Stephen Birch has demonstrated that free dolphins swimming with people generate a fundamental tone on average of about 26 Hz. This can cause a piezoelectric effect in our bodies which can cause a cascade of effects that lowers the frequency of the electroencephalogram and increases its power. This is consistent with his model and indicates an increase in the levels of endorphins. We would also suggest that compounds new to us may be released as well. We propose to call them EnDolphins as coined by Star Newland.

Dr.Birch developed an electro-acoustic-endorphin model consistent with his results. To quote from the abstract of his thesis "Dolphin-Human Interaction Effects:

Dolphin assisted therapeutic effects include alleviation of pain in spinal patients, improved learning in neurologically impaired children and alleviation of depression." Some of these effects are specifically neurological, for example: "Following dolphin contact, noticeable changes in subject EEG activity are observed. These are characterized by a decrease in frequency and an increase in amplitude, with some evidence of hemispheric synchronization. In this study, 85% of subjects displayed these modifications following dolphin contact, these findings correlate with findings by other research groups. A hormonal mechanism has been postulated... which cause[s] analgesia, improved learning and potentiate[s] psychological self-reward mechanisms.
His overall model of dolphin-human interactions is summarized the figure on the previous page. There is a vast territory to be explored here. We see that dolphin therapy has the potential to improve many conditions.

The dolphins can likely do the following:

  • Change body structures with tightly focused, high-power "beams"

  • Change brain states

  • Stimulate the saccula up to frequencies of 250 kHz

  • Stimulate the entire body causing acoustic and electrical effects

  • Create electromagnetic fields and thereby change things such as calcium          levels, reaction times, circadian rhythms and gene expression.

Dolphins can closely observe our internal structures, with their sonar and then focus their sounds and electromagnetic fields to specific locations or immerse the whole body in a myriad of electromagnetic, magnetic, and electrostatic fields corresponding to their sounds created either singly or in pods.

So we find that dolphins have at least the following therapeutic modalities:

  • Dolphin sounds have direct acoustic effects

  • Electromagnetic fields generated by the dolphin melon

  • Micro-currents generated by the dolphin sounds vibrating of our body’s piezoelectric tissues, especially bone

Imagine the fields a pod of 20 or more dolphins might create with all of them singing their songs with up to 5 unique sounds each, all of it blended into a harmonious and in phase symphony, with their electromagnetics combined with their acoustic fields, all changing dynamically with the pod’s underwater ballet. A milieu of such richness can easily duplicate and surely go far beyond current ultrasound therapy and electromedicine. The dolphins have yet to show us all they know. Their potential goes beyond what we have observed. Some of these are summarized in the figure below.

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