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Effects of Structured Water

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Effects of Structured Water

Structured water can encode patterns. We know this from the work of Cyril Smith. Briefly, Smith found frequencies, idiosyncratic to each patient, which would improve their allergic symptoms. Simply holding a vial of water that has been exposed to "calming" frequencies would damp their allergic reactions. The water in the vials was exposed to very low power electrical fields in the Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) range (below ~1000 Hz). He showed that water so exposed had measurably different light absorption spectra, especially in the UV range. This shows that a pattern was impressed on the water that was maintained, or “remembered” by the water. So, when we can impress water with the correct patterns, it can enter the cell nucleus, affecting the packed water around the DNA and change its state leading to different patterns of gene expression.

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