Dolphins, Therapy & Autism

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Microwave Control of DNA
In 1987, Dr. Ross Adey, M.D., then at Loma Linda University in southern California, told me that particular frequencies of microwaves, pulsed at rather low rates could change brain state. For example, a signal consisting of 150 MHz microwave pulsed at 10 cycles per second will change calcium levels in isolated brain slices plus or minus some 20% or more. These results were obtained about 1970. Dr. Adey went on to discover that there are combinations of frequency and pulse rate that will trigger "oncogenes”.

Oncogenes are genes in our chromosomes which, when triggered, cause cells to become cancerous. Dr. Adey said proper EM signals could trigger ANY gene.41 Therefore, the sound and electromagnetic field around DNA determines, in part, its pattern of gene expression. For this to occur, DNA must absorb and radiate energy in these bands and we know DNA absorbs and emits sound, light, other electromagnetic frequencies. Adey’s work shows that these bio-photons and phonons (a quantum unit of sound) can change gene expression.

Dolphin sounds can affect the DNA directly and by piezoelectric effects generate micro-currents in our bodies, so dolphins may be capable of regulating aspects of our gene expression.

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