Dolphins, Therapy & Autism

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Changing Gene Expression

The acoustic and electromagnetic fields of the dolphins may change our gene expression. The best models for the operation of DNA are based on Irene Cosic’s resonant model of biomolecular recognition.40 According to this model, control of DNA is done by sound, light and EM resonances. This is key to dolphins’ effect on our wellbeing.
Active or “puffed” DNA (that DNA which is being read or used) is in resonant coupling with the protein or products being produced. This suggests that the entire cell is under tight light and sound-based resonant signals. Further, phonon or sound energy in the DNA sets up standing waves along the DNA - a musical chord - that determines what areas of the DNA become active or are “turned off”. DNA absorbs in acoustic, magnetic, electromagnetic (microwave) and visible light bands. Should all this be so (and this whole field in great flux) we surmise that electrical, magnetic, acoustic and light energy all affect the state of DNA in complex ways. (See also Appendix IV.)
We explore below the control of DNA by microwave and sound and relate this to dolphin capabilities.

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