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Paramecium undergoing electroporation from a 1150 Hz EM signal

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Paramecium undergoing electroporation from a 1150 Hz EM signal
As Rife and others found, some frequencies can disrupt cell structures. Above we see a Paramecium caudatum, a single celled animal, undergoing evisceration, electroporation, and disintegration when exposed to a 1150 Hz AC field from a Rife/Bare plasma device.37 What determines the effective frequency is the 0.5 Gauss magnetic field of the Earth. If we include the Earth’s magnetic field in our consideration, we find that the NMR frequencies are lower and that even a 1050 Hz signal is at the NMR frequency for key elements in the cell wall of the Paramecium.

Another effect similar to electroporation is known as Voltage Dependent Ion Gating (VDIG). Ion channels in the cell open in the presence of an external voltage. By creating a charge differential at cell walls, Rife generators and other electromedicine devices can give pain relief, cause relaxation or stimulation. VDIG occurs at an electrical field of only 1/10 the intensity necessary to produce electroporation and is thought to produce a flow of ions, like calcium, potassium, and sodium, across the cell wall.

The above discussion shows that resonances occur which can disrupt cell membranes and the frequencies are well within a dolphin’s frequency range and as we shall see, dolphins can create electomagnetic fields that can cause effects identical to those seen above and in electromedicine in general.

While the examples given have to do with resonances that kill cells, we also know from the work of Robert Beck38, Robert O. Becker, Royal Raymond Rife, and Cyril Smith, et alia, there are many frequencies that heal and promote well being, and can even cause limb regeneration in mammals. There is a vast landscape to explore here.

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