Dolphins, Therapy & Autism

Empathy, Telepathy, Telempathy

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Empathy, Telepathy, Telempathy
Autistic people are “systemizing” and the dolphins show great empathy and care, especially with children. Perhaps being around the strongly empathic dolphins helps balance autistic patterns. We know that touch, affection and love can be deeply healing. Being with the dolphins can be a deeply spiritual experience. Many of us that have been with dolphins have experienced profound transformations.
In particular, many of us have experienced a strong connection and communication with the dolphins that is best described as telepathic or telempathic. We have yet to know how this works, yet it occurs with many of us. Patricia Saint-John met the dolphins and had deep telepathic experiences with them. She was moved to work with autistic children based on what she learned. She found that by being in the state of mind she had with the dolphins she was able to telepathically contact autistic children and had much success in improving their functioning and communication.19
It is important to evaluate these channels and consider them in any dolphin therapy, even if they are beyond our consensus science. There are signs that science is catching up with our experiences. Consistent physical models are possible for what might be otherwise classed as “paranormal” events.20
Dolphins also produce acoustic and electromagnetic fields capable of causing effects such as resonance and entrainment. We discuss these aspects below to develop models of dolphin therapy mechanisms and capabilities.

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