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We shall make it evidently appear to your Majesty, that the Spaniards in about eight and thirty or forty years have unjustly put to death above twelve millions of your subjects ...

Bartolome de Las Casas, An Account of the First Voyages and Discoveries made by the Spaniards in America, 1540, in F.R. Augier and S. C. Gordon, Sources of West Indian History, Trinidad and Jamaica, Longman Caribbean, 1962, p.3.

, I

i i

(a) What does Document I suggest about this group of indigenous people of the Americas?

, ' [4 marks]

(b) What does Document II suggest about the religion of this group of indigenous people of

the Americas? [ 4 marks]

(c) With reference to Document III, what attracted Spanish colonists "to dwell in these

countries"? [ 4 marks]

(d) With reference to Document IV, explain the dramatic decline of the indigenous populations

of the Americas after 1492. [ 4 marks]

(e) With reference to Documents I - IV, suggest TWO ways in which Spanish settlement

had changed the Americas by 1600. [ 4 marks]

Total 20 marks

Question 2

Select ONE of the indigenous American groups from the list below:

Aztec Inca Maya

For the group you selected, examine their advanced agricultural practices BEFORE the arrival of the Europeans. [20 marks]

Question 3

Assess the evidence of Viking and African presence in the Americas in the pre-Columbian period. [20 marks]

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