Document: Emerentiana Bowden to Abraham Lincoln, April 23, 1864

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so as to secure us But it should be bourne in mind that he has been deeply enlisted on the subject of Reciprocity. Has written and published a book advocating a [Golverin?] with the United States. That in case of war between the U States and England Canada must be made neutral territorty. While he appears unconcious, that these movements must be identical with annexation The next morning several gentelmen called to ascertain the prospect of obtaining coal. I said they must expect no coal from the United States untill the Cannadian parliment should prohibit its exportation to Nassau, and advised them to call on Messr Cartier one of the present ministry, and for eight years Prime Minister. He is an unscrupulous Frenchman a bitter maligner of our government, and is supposed to have been one of the public men who plotted my arrest in November last. They went immediately to see him. He saw at a glance that a restriction by Canada would be offensive to the Secessionists, and was nervous on the subject, suggesting difficulties. Mr Magee minister of agriculture was with him, and the two now sent for me to consult with them. I declined going. But expressly stated that our government would not furnish the Confederate Blockade runners with coal; That I was in no respect authorized to speak for the american government: That when the coal had been re-exported to Nassau this office reported the fact, and the exportation ceased and was not likely to be renewed untill its re-exportation was suppressed
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