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Salvianus, Roman citizen and Catholic priest, from his writings, late 5th century C.E.
“But what else can these wretched people wish for, they who suffer the incessant and even continuous destruction of public tax levies. They desert their homes, . . . they seek exile. The enemy is more lenient to them than the tax collectors. This is proved by this very fact, that they flee to the enemy in order to avoid the full force of the heavy tax levy. . . . Do we think we are unworthy of the punishment of divine severity when we thus wickedly punish the poor? Do we think, when we are constantly wicked, that God should not exercise His justice against all of us. The Franks are ignorant of this crime of injustice. The Huns are immune to these crimes. . . . There in the districts taken over by the barbarians, there is one desire among all Romans, that they should never again find it necessary to pass under Roman jurisdiction. . . . And we wonder why the Goths are not conquered by our portion of the population, when the Romans prefer to live among them rather than with[in] the empire.”

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