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Cortés Puts Moctezuma Under House Arrest

Aztec Image From Fray Bernardino de Sahagún,

The Florentine Codex, 1521


Ammianus Marcellinus, Roman historian from his history, speaking of the Goths and steppe nomads, c. 400 CE.
Sometimes when provoked, they fight; and when they go into battle, they form a solid body, and utter all kinds of terrific yells. They are very quick in their operations, of exceeding speed, and fond of surprising their enemies. With a view to this, they suddenly disperse, then reunite. . . And in one respect, you may pronounce them the most formidable of all warriors, for when at a distance they use missiles of various kinds. . . but when they are at close quarters they fight with sword, without any regard for their own safety; and often while their antagonists are warding off their blows, they entangle them with twisted cords.”

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