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Hernan Cortez, leader of the Spanish military expedition which invaded and conquered Mexico, from his Third Letter to the Emperor Charles V of Spain, 1521
As soon as the ships were completed and launched [into the lake], . . . I reviewed our whole force, and found it to consist of eighty-six horse[men], one hundred and eighteen archers and musketeers, seven hundred and more foot[soldiers] with swords and buckler [shields], together with three heavy iron cannon, fifteen small copper field-pieces, and ten hundred weight of powder. Having finished the review, I charged and enjoined much on the Spaniards to observe and comply with the orders I should give them in conducting the war with as great strictness as possible; and that they should take fresh courage and spirits, since they saw that our lord was leading us to victory over our enemies; for they knew that when we entered Tezcuco, we had not brought more than forty horse[s], and that God had succored us beyond our expectations, ships having arrived with horses, men, and arms, as they had seen; and that they should consider especially, that we were fighting in behalf and for the spread of our faith, and to reduce to your Majesty's service the lands and provinces that had rebelled; a consideration which should inspire them with courage and zeal to conquer or die.”

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