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The Tlaxacalans, Enemies of the Aztecs Greet Cortez and the Spaniards, 1520, from a Tlaxcalan Codex


Bernal Díaz del Castillo, conquistador who accompanied Cortez to Tenochititlan, 1521 from his book of the Conquest
“When Cortés saw the city repopulated and the markets functioning, he assembled all the priests, captains and other chieftains, and explained to them very clearly all the matters touching on our holy faith, and told them that they must cease worshipping idols, [making] sacrifices, [holding] banquets with human flesh, [committing] robbery, [and engaging in] customary offences. He challenged them to consider how their false Idols were wrong, were evil and had lied; let them remember the lies which they had told only five days ago when seven persons had been sacrificed to them and they promised to give them victory, that everything they said to them and the priests was evil; therefore he begged them to destroy the Idols and break them in pieces, that if they did not wish to do it themselves he would do it for them. Finally, he ordered them to wash a temple with limestone, so that we might set up a chapel with a cross there.”

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