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Theodoret, Catholic Church historian, his Ecclesiastical History, volumes 17 – 18, c. 395 C.E.
In consequence of sedition, the Emperor [Theodosius] . . . slew seven thousand without any forms of law, and without even having judicial sentence passed upon them; When Saint Ambrose heard of this deplorable catastrophe, he said "You do not reflect, it seems, O Emperor, on the guilt you have incurred by that great massacre; do you not perceive the enormity of your crime? You must not be dazzled by the splendor of the purple you wear. Your subjects, O Emperor, are of the same nature as yourself, and not only so, but are likewise your fellow servants. . . . How would you look upon the temple of the one Lord of all? How could you lift up in prayer hands steeped in the blood of so unjust a massacre? The Emperor, who had been brought up in the knowledge of Holy Writ, and who knew well the distinction between the ecclesiastical and the temporal power, submitted to the rebuke, and with many tears and groans returned to his palace."

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