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A. E. Smith and the Canadian Labour Defense League, by Jaroslav Petryshyn, 1978.

A. S. Suvorin: From Nihilist to Mrakobes, 1861-1881, by Effie King Ambler, 1969.

Abbe Democrate Picard, Un: Charles Calippe. Sa Pen see Sociale, 1893-1914, by Rene O. Poirier, 1972.

Abolitionism and the American Churches, 1830-1865: A Study of Attitudes and Tac­tics, by John Raymond McKivigan, 1978.

Abolitionism in the Illinois Churches, 1830­-1865, by Linda Jeanne Evans, 1982.

Abortion and the Body Politic: An Anthropological Analysis of Legislative Activity in Massachusetts, by Kathleen Rudd, 1981.

Abortion in Judaism: The History of a Struggle to Choose Life, by Daniel Leonard Schiff, 2000.

Abortion Issue Within the Southern Baptist Convention, 1969-1988, The, by Paul L. Sadler, 1991.

Abortion Politics and Family Life: An In­terpretation, by Patricia Therese Coen Lynch, 1982.

Abortion, Religion, and Politics: A Comparative Study of the Abortion Debate in Kenya, Mexico, and Poland, by Andrzej Jerzy Kulczcki, 1995.

Absolutely Pietist: Patronage, Factionalism, and State-building in the Early Eighteenth-century Prussian Army Chaplaincy (King Friedrich Wilhelm I), by Benjamin Marschke, 2003.

Abraham Furtado and the Sephardi Jews of France: A Study of Emancipation Dur­ing the French Revolution and Napole­onic Era, by Frances Malino Hoffman, 1972.

Abraham Lincoln’s Theological Outlook, by Charles David Hein, 1983.

Academic Corporations of England in the Middle Ages, The: Oxford and Cam­bridge, 1150-1509, by Alan Karp, 1978.

Academic Achievement and Socialization of College Students Who Were Home Schooled, by Melvin A. Holder, 2001.

Academic Freedom in Church-Related Colleges and Universities: A Theological and Educational Analysis, by James Jeffery Tillman, 1991.

Academic Freedom in Islam and the West: A Study of the Philosophical Foundations of Academic Freedom in Islam and the Western Liberal Philosophy, by Ahmed Othman Altwaijri, 1983.

Academic Freedom Policies in Selected Christian Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries, by Robert Karl Poch, 1990.

Academy Keeping and the Great Awaken­ing: The Presbyterian Academies, Col­lege of New Jersey, and Revivalism, 1727-1768, by Murray S. Shereshewsky, 1981.

Acceptance of Pacifism in The Challenge of Peace, The, by Robert Paul Marko, 1989.

Accommodation and Resistance: A Study of Church-State Relations in the German Democratic Republic, by George How­ard Brand, 1978.

Acculturation among Swedish Immigrants in Kansas and Nebraska, 1870-1900, by Terrence Jon Lindell, 1987.

Action Liberale Populaire, The: French Catholic Politics, 1901-1914, by Patrick Michel Valentine, 1978.

Acton Circle, 1864-1871, The: The Chronicle and the North British Review, by Guy A. Ryan, 1970.

Adam and Eve in Exile: Politics and Innocence After the Fall, by Karen Diane Csajko, 1996.

Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., and Adam Clay­ton Powell, Jr.: A Historical Exposition and Theological Analysis, by John Wil­liam Kinney, 1981.

Adam Ferguson: The Good Preceptor of Empire, by James Steven Sheets, 1993.

Adjustment of Irish Immigrants to Urban Life, The: The Philadelphia Experience­, 1840-1870, by John Dennis J. Clark, 1972.

Administration of Simon de Anda y Salazar, Governor-General of the Philippines, 1770-1776, The, by Salvador P. Escoto, 1974.

Administration of the Statute of Mortmain, The, by Sumner Anthony Standen, 1974.

Administrative and Judicial Elite in Ireland, 1892-1922, The, by Lawrence William McBride, 1979.

Administrator’s Concept of the Organiza­tional Religionship of the Campus Min­istry to the Publicly Sponsored Univer­sity, The, by Loyd A. Bates, 1965.

Administrator’s Views of Religious Prac­tices in Selected Texas Public High Schools, by John Hancock, 1983.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention From the Perspectives of Adolescent Mothers and National Policymakers: An Interpretive Policy Analysis, by Elizabeth McDonald, 2005.

Adolescent Socialization and Avoiding Trouble: A Perspective on Religious Influences, by Mark Daniel Regnerus, 2000.

African Theology and Black Theology in South Africa: Toward a Synthesis of Inculturation and Liberation, by Emmanuel Marty, 1992.

African Zion: The Attempt to Establish a Jewish Colony in the East Africa Protec­torate, 1903-1905, by Robert G. Weis­bord, 1968.

After Religion: Christianity, Politics, and the Search for Objectivity in the Thought of Alasdair MacIntyre, by Lori Carsen Kelly, 1992.

After the Spiritual Conquest: Patrimonial­ism and Politics in the Mexican Church, 1573-1586, by Victoria Hennessey Cum­mins, 1980.

Against the Current: The Political Mobilization of the Shi’a Community in Lebanon, by Majed Halawi, 1991.

Against the Swastika! The Challenge of the Anti-Nazi Film to Political Theology, by Paul Arthur Leggett, 1983.

Agony of Christian Realism, The: The His­torical Relevance of the Pre-World War II Thought of Reinhold Niebuhr, by Claude Lee Black, 1982.

Agrarian Socialism in America: Marx and Jesus in the Oklahoma Countryside, by James Scott Bissett, 1989.

Aid to Private Schools and the Child Benefit Theory-A Historical Study of the Legal Impact of Two Key Supreme Court Decisions, by Gerald Joseph Rivell, 1973.

Alexander Garden: The Commissary in Church and State, by James Barney Hawkins IV, 1982.

Alfred E. Smith, the Religious Issue: Okla­homa City, September 20, 1928, by Elton Harvey Wallace, 1967.

Algernon Sidney Crapsey, the Last of the Heretics, by Stephen Todd Neese, 2002.

Alienation: An Existential Reading of Whitehead’s Philosophy, by Marshall Kent Osman, 1980.

Alienation in Nature’s Nation: A Practical-Theological Analysis of the Resource Conservation and Wilderness Preservation Peities in American Civil Religion, by Robert Calvin Nygaard Kispert, 1997.

Ali Shari’ati and the Islamic Renaissance, by Abbas Monoochehri, 1988.

All Good Books are Catholic Books: Literature, Censorship and the Americanization of Catholics, 1920­-1960, by Una Mary Cadegan, 1987.

All Manner of Error and Delusion: Josiah Cotton and the Religious Transformation of Southeastern New England, 1700-1770, by Douglas Leo Winiarski, 2000.

All-Union Council of Evangelical Christians­ Baptists in the Soviet Union, 1944-1964, The, by Steve Durasoff, 1969.

Al-mughtaribun: Law and the Transformation of Muslim Life in North America, by Kathleen M. Moore, 1992.

Alternative Approach to Private School Demand, An, by John Austin Hatch, 1998.

Amana Society, 1867-1932: The Accommodation of Old World Beliefs in a New World Frontier Setting, by Frank Myron Moore, 1988.

A Man Chosen by God: The Office of Archbishop in Novgorod, Russia (1165-1478), by Michael Christopher Paul, 2003.

Ambrosius Blaurer and the Reformation in Constance, by Marcia Kay Lewis, 1975.

America for Americans: The Southern Know Nothing Party and the Politics of Nativism, 1854-1856, by John David Bladek, 1998.

American Acropolis: The West End of the Washington Mall, by Richard Allen Hyde, 1998.

American Board in China: The Missionar­ies’Experiences and Attitudes, 1911­-1952, The, by Janet Elaine Heininger, 1982.

American Catholic Call for Liberty and Jus­tice for All, The: An Analysis in the Soci­ology of Knowledge, by Joseph Anthony Varacalli, 1980.

American Catholic China Missionaries, 1918-1941, by Thomas A. Breslin, 1973.

American Catholic Missions and Commun­ist China, 1945-1953, by Virginia F. Unsworth, 1978.

American Catholic Opinions of Mexican Anticlericalism, by Robert Edward Quig­ley, 1966.

American Catholic Peace Movement, 1928­-1972, The, by Patricia F. McNeal, 1975.

American Catholic Political Position at Mid-Century, The: Archbishop Hughes as a Test Case, by Charles Patrick Con­nor, 1980.

American Catholic Press as an Instrument of Social Education in the Emergence of Nazism, The, by Robert B. Winkowski, 1988.

American Catholics and Franco’s Spain, 1935-1975: A Study of Evolving Perceptions, by Francis Patrick Kilcoyne, 1996.

American Catholics and the Formation of the United Nations, by Joseph Samuel Rossi, 1989.

American Catholics and the African-American Migration: 1919-1970, by John T. McGreevy, 1992.

American Catholics and the Spanish Civil War, 1931-1939, by John David Valaik, 1965.

American Catholic Social Thought in the 1930’s, by David Joseph O’Brien, 1966.

American Christian Press and Pre-War Hitler’s Germany, 1933-1939, The, by Fredrick Ira Murphy, 1971.

American Christian Press and the Sino­Japanese Crisis of 1931-1933, The: An Aspect of Public Response to the Break­down of World Peace, by Alden Bryan Pearson, Jr., 1969.

American Christian Thinkers and the Func­tion of War, 1861-1920, by Darrel E. Bigham, 1971.

American Church Attitudes Toward Social Catastrophe: The Panic of 1873 as a Case Study, by Charles David Cashdollar, 1970.

American Church Meets Secular Society, The: A Study and Comparison of the Official Documents of Three American Churches on Politics and Social Issues, 1940-1965, by Daniel A. Brown, 1974.

American Church’s Reaction to the Homophile Movement, 1948-1978, The, by Thomas Furman Hewitt, 1983.

American Civil Religion: The History and Evaluation of aSociological Concept, by Gail Gehrig, 1980.

American Congregational Missonaries and Social Reform in Meiji Japan (1870­1900), by Gladys Eugenia Bryant, 1972.

American Core Value and the Character of Sociomoral Guidance in the Elementary School, by Frank Leonard Pasquale, 1983.

American Council of Christian Churches, The: A Study of Its Origin, Leaders, and Characteristic Positions, by John Albert Stroman, 1967.

American Faith in the Schools as an Agency of Progress: Promise and Fulfillment, by Jeffrey Roy Herold, 1970.

American Fundamentalism and the Disruption of Traditional Gender Roles, 1880-1930, by Betty A. DeBerg, 1988.

American Involvement with the Vatican as a Moral Force in International Politics, 1939-1945, by William Aloysius Kerr, 1976.

American Jewry and United States Immi­gration Policy, 1881-1953, by Sheldon Morris Neuringer, 1972.

American Lutheran Church and Public Pol­icy, The, by Byron Lee Schmid, 1972.

American Lutheran Pietism, Activist and Abolitionist, by Paul Phillip Kuenning, 1985.

American Missionaries and the Chinese Communists: A Study of Views Expressed by Methodist Episcopal Church Mis­sionaries, 1921-1941, by Milo Lancaster Thornberry, Jr., 1975.

American Missionaries’Involvement in Higher Education in India in the Nine­teenth Century, by Animas Bose, 1972.

American Orthodoxy and the First Amend­ment Freedoms: The Law and Public Dialogue of Early Virginia, by Robert Eugene McDonough, 1971.

American Periodicals and the Palestine Tri­angle, April, 1936, to February, 1947, by Michael Arthur Dohse, 1967.

American Protestant Conspiracy Theory of Mexican History, The: A Case Study in the Literature of Mexican Militant Catholicism, by Dennis Ray Palmer, 1979.

American Protestant Educational Missi, Their Influence on Syria and II Nationalism, 1820-1923, by Wah George Antakly, 1977.

American Protestantism and the of State Israel: 1937-1967, by Hertzel Fishman, 1972.

American Protestant Liberalism as Exemplified in the Life and Thought of Harry Emerson Fosdick, by Henry Eugene Ernst, 1988.

American Revolution and the Baptist Presbyterian Clergy of Virginia, The, Study of Dissenter Opinion and Act by William Jennings Terman, Jr., 1975.

American School Controversy Among Norwegian-Americans, 1845-1881, by Frank Charles Nelson, 1970.

American Schools in the Republic of Turkey, 1923-1933, The: A Case Study; Missionary Problems in International Relations, by Hugh Grayson Johnson, 1976.

Americans in China and the Formation of American Policy, 1925-1937, by Frederick Bernard Hoyt, 1973.

American University of Beirut and Its Educational Activities in Lebanon, 1920-1967, The, by Edward Nassif Sayah, 1988.

American Tract Society, 1825-1865, An: Examination of Its Religious, Economic, Social and Political Ideas, by Harvey George Neufeldt, 1972.

American Unitarians, 1830-1865: A Study of Religious Opinion on War, Slavery, the Union, by Charles Richard Denton, 1971.

American Zionism in the 1920s, by Maier Bryan Fox, 1980.

American Zionist Leaders and the Palestinian Arabs, 1898-1948, by Rafael Medoff, 1991.

Americanization of German Immigration, The: Language, Religion and School Nineteenth-Century Rural Wisconsin, by Susan Jean Kuyper, 1981.

Anabaptism and the Reformation in France, 1534-1648, by Eric William Fruge, 1992.

Analysis of Buddhist Philosophy of Education in Thailand, An, by Chumpol Poolpatarachewin, 1984.

Analysis of Congregational Debate in United States Senate on the Kennedy Proposals for Federal Aid to Education, An, by Paul Henry Winters, 1970.

Analysis of Desired Student Outcomes of Catholic Elementary Schools as Perceived by Principals, Teachers, Parents, and Board Members, An, by Mary Leanne Welch, 1988.

Analysis of Factors Influencing the Teaching of Evolution and Creation by Arizona High School Biology Teachers, An, by Susan Jorstad, 2002.

Analysis of First Amendment Issues Concerning Public Funding of Private Schools with an Emphasis on Voucher Plans in Cases Adjudicated by the United States Supreme Court as of 2002, An, by Ann Redmond Iparraguirre, 2003.

Analysis of First Amendment Jurisprudence and School Voucher Programs after Zelman v. Simmons-Harris (2002), An, by Lori A. Stengel, 2003.

Analysis of Jewish Religious Observance in Nazi-occupied Europe During World War II, 1939-1945, by Berta Stein Bienenstock, 1991.

Analysis of Legal Issues Affecting the Inclusive Education of Children with Special Needs in Catholic Schools, An, by Mary Elizabeth Depp-Blackett, 1997.

Analysis of Nuclear Warfare in Light of the Traditional Just War Theory: An American Roman Catholic Perspective, An, by Judith A. Dwyer, 1983.

Analysis of Parental Choise: Islamic School Enrollment in Florida, by Feryal Younis Elkhaldy, 1996.

Analysis of School Board Policies Relating to the Establishment Clause, by Charlie Jeff Perry, 1994.

Analysis of Southern Baptist Response to Diplomatic Relations between the United States and the Vatican, An, by Vicki Ann Crumpton, 1988.

Analysis of the Conflict Between the Clergy of the Reformed Church and the Leaders of the Anabaptist Movement in Strasbourg, 1524-1534, An, by Henry George Krahn, 1971.

Analysis of the Congruence of Official School District Philosophies, Humanistic Education Philosophy, and School Board Members’Perceptions of Humanistic Teachers, An, by Judith Ann DuShane, 1983.

Analysis of the Drive for Public Funds Parochial Schools, An: 1945-1963, by George Alvis Kizer, 1967.

Analysis of the Effect of Religion on Malagasy Culture, An, by Andrew Severin Burgess, 1948.

Analysis of the Hunger Debate From a Christian Perspective, An, by Kent Bernard Belvins, 1983.

Analysis of the Purpose and Administration of the Academic Study of Religious Public Higher Education with Special Emphasis on Florida’s Public Universities, An, by Jeremiah James Ashcroft II, 1974.

Analysis of the Relationship Between Internal Church Conflict and Church Growth, An: With Selected Case Studies of Southern Baptist Churches in the Shelby Association, by Jeffrey Lynn Gaskins, 1999.

Analysis of the Responses to a Religious Television Question and Answer Program as Related to the Major Expressed Interests of the New Right, An, by John Milton Banks, 1986.

Analysis of the Teaching of Religion in State Universities of Texas, An, by Ken­neth Wayne Greene, 1975.

Analysis of the Transition of Three Univer­sities from Private to State Status, An, by Charles Robert Dees, Jr., 1974.

Anatomy of a Hate Movement: The German American Bund, 1936-1941, by Leland Virgil Bell, 1970.

And Be Ye Transformed: The Socio-economic Consequences of the Evangelical Explosion in Guatemala, by Amy Lynn Sherman, 1994.

Angevin Church in the First Feudal Age, The: A Study of the Career, Family, and Politics of Bishop Rainald II (973-1005), by Richard Michael Hogan, 1979.

Anglican Church and Native Education, The: Residential Schools and Assimilia­tion, by Eric Ronald Porter, 1982.

Anglican Clergy in Maryland, 1692-1776, The, by Carol Lee Van Voorst, 1979.

Anglican Evangelicals in British Politics, 1780-1833, The, by Ian W. Brown, 1966.

Anglican Left, The: Radical Social Reform­ers in the Church of England and the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1846-1954, by Bernard Kent Markwell, 1978.

Anglican Ministry in Virginia 1723-1776, The: A Study of Social Class, by Joan Rezner Gunderson, 1973.

Anglican Resistance to an American Epis­copate, 1761-1789, by Frederick Van­dever Mills, Sr., 1968.

Anglican Vestry in Colonial America, The, by Borden W. Painter, Jr., 1966.

Anglican Vestry in Colonial Maryland, The, by Gerald Eugene Hartdagen, 1966.

Anglicans and Orthodox between the Wars, by Bryn Ivan Geffert, 2003.

Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry(AACI), The, by Allen Howard Podet, 1980.

Anglo-Saxon and Norman Eigenkirche and the Ecclesiastical Policy of William I, The, by Albert Simeon Cote; Jr., 1982.

Angry Catholics, The: American Catholics and Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, 1950­-1957, by Donald F. Crosby, 1974.

Antebellum Southern Evangelical and State­ Supported Colleges, The: A Comparative Study, by Joe Lyons Kincheloe, 1981.

Anti-Christian Movement in China, 1922­-1927, With Special Reference to the Experience of Protestant Missions, The, by Da-che Yip, 1972.

Anti-Christian Movement in Paris During the French Revolution, 1789-1794, The, by Charles Anthony Gliozzo, 1967.

Anti-Christian Persecution of 1616-1617 in Nanking, The, by Edward Thomas Kelly, 1972.

Anticlericalism Among the English Deists, by Janet Griffin, 1971.

Anticlericalism in the Writings of Pierre­ Joseph Broughon, by Barbara Ann Hughes, 1973.

Anti-Confucian Movement in the People’s Republic of China, 1966-1974, The, by Te-sheng Meng, 1980.

Anti-Madalyn Majority: Secular Left, Religious Right, and the Rise of Reagan’s America (Madalyn Murray O’Hair), The, by Benjamin Eric Sasse, 2004.

Anti-Religious Propaganda in the Soviet Union, 1959-1963, by David Edward Powell, 1968.

Antisemitic Arguments of Russian Nationalists, The: Varieties of Anti-liberalism, by Vadim Joseph Rossman, 1998.

Anti-Semitic Political Parties in the German Empire, by Richard Simon Levy, 1970.

Antislavery Thought of Jose Agustin Caballero, Juan Jose Diaz de Espada, and Felix Varela, in Cuba, 1791-1823, The, by Joseph Augustine Fahy, 1983.

Antoine Lefevre de la Boderie’s Mission to England: A Study of French-English Relations, 1606-1611, by Robert Orval Lindsay, 1967.

A. Philip Randolph and the Transformation of the Negro Church, by Cynthia Taylor, 2003.

Apocalyptic Literature: “The Mother of Justice Education”: A Design for the Use of the Book of Revelation in Religious Education, by Maryanne Stevens, 1987.

Apocalyptic Politics of Price and Priestley, The: Political Change, The Historical Process and Civic Reponsibility in Late Eighteenth-Century Republican Millen­nialism, by Jack Fruchtman, Jr., 1981.

Applicability of Islamic Penal Law (Quisas and Diyah) in the Sudan, by Mohamad A. EI-Sheikh, 1987.

Application of Reinhold Niebuhr’s Two-Tiered Political Ethic to the Business Realm with the Challenger Catastrophe as a Case Study, The, by Jeffrey L. Rarich, 1991.

Apportionment in American Democracy: A Critical Examination from the Perspec­tive of Christian Ethics, by Joseph Carl Hough, Jr., 1966.

Appraisal of the Private School as Estab­lished by the Christian Church (Churches of Christ) Denomination in the United States, An, by Stanley Elwood Letcher, 1982.

Approaching Opposition: Henry A. Wallace, Reinhold Niebuhr and the Emergence of American Liberal Internationalism, 1920-1942, by Mark Louis Kleinman, 1991.

Approach to Church and State Relations in Puerto Rico, An, by Maria Mercedes Diaz Alonso, 1972.

Arab Cultural Nationalism in Palestine, 1919-1948, by Adnan Mohammed Abu Ghazaleh, 1969.

Arabization and Islamization in the Algerian University, by James Michael Coffman, 1992.

Arab Nationalism and Lebanese Particular­ism in the Foreign Policy of Lebanon, by Burhan Mohamed Al-Ajouz, 1976.

Arab-Turkish Relations from the Emergence of Arab Nationalism to the Arab Revolt, 1848-1916, by Mumtaz Ayoub Fargo, 1970.

Archaic Utopias in the Modern Imagination, by Julia Margaret Hardy, 1990.

Archbishop and Count: Rivals for the Tour­aine in the Tenth Century, by Mary Stew­art Woodward, 1978.

Archbishop Hincmar of Rheims (circa 806­882): His Idea of Ministerium in Theory and Praxis, by Howard Haines Brown III, 1969.

Archbishop John Baptist Purcell of Cincin­nati: Pre-Civil War Years, by Anthony H. Deye, 1968.

Archbishop John Hughes and the Common School Controversy, 1840-1842, by Vin­cent Peter Lannie, 1965.

Archbishop John Ireland and the Faribault­ Stillwater School Plan of the 1890’s: A Reappraisal, by Timothy Hughes Mor­rissey, 1976.

Architects of Yiddishism at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: A Study of Jew­ish Cultural History, by Emanuel Sidney Goldsmith, 1973.

Are Conservative Evangelicals Antidemocratic? Elite-level Examination of the Southern Baptist Convention, by William Leon Lester, Jr., 2000.

A Relation between Us: Religion and the Political Thought of Edmund Burke, by Steven Paul Millies, 2003.

Argentine Baptists and Politics: An Analysis of Relations (Spanish Text) by Pablo Alberto Deiros, 1985.

Argentine Nationalism of the Right: The History of an Ideological Development, 1930-1946, by Marysa Gerassi, 1966.

Aristocratic Widow in Law and Society According to the Canon Law and the Customary Law of France During the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, The, by George Duncan Turner, 1971.

Armageddon Now! The Premillennarian Response to Russia and Israel since 1917, by Dwight Julian Wilson, 1978.

Armenian Evangelical Youth and Political Identity: The Socio-political Aloofness of the Armenian Evangelical Church in the Near East in View of Hovhannes Aharonian’s Agenda for an Involved Ecclesiology and Erik H. Erikson’s Understanding of the Continuity between Individual and Community, by Paul Ara Haidostian, 1994.

Armenianism in England, 1595-1629, by Betsy Halpern Amaru, 1971.

Arthur Preuss, Journalist and Voice of German and Conservative Catholics in America, 1871-1934, by Rory Thomas Conley, 1995.

Articulation and Synthesis of Jimmy Carter’s Human Rights Policy, The, by Frank Andrew Rueschel, 1990.

Artisans, Evangelicals, and the City: A Social History of Abolition and Labor Reform in Jacksonian New York, by John Bark­ley Jentz, 1978.

Ascension of Annie Rix Militz and the Home(s) of Truth: Perfection Meets Paradise in Early 20th Century Los Angeles, by John Kent Simmons, 1987.

Ascent of Boston’s Jews, 1630-1918, The, by William Alan Braverman, 1990.

Aspects of English Anti-Catholic Propa­ganda, 1667-1692, by Joseph Thomas Huston, 1966.

Aspects of Hindu-Muslim Relations in Brit­ish India: A Study of Arya Samaj Activi­ties, Government of India Policies and Communal Conflict in the Period 1923­1928, by Gene Robert Thursby, 1973.

Aspects of Political Thought in the Talmud and Midrash, by Gordon Michael Free­man, 1977.

Aspects of the Islamic State: Religious Norms and Political Realities, by Manouchehr Paydar, 1974.

Aspects of the Life and Theology of Pierre Viret (1511-1571), by Anne-Marie Sal­gat, 1972.

Aspirations of the Enlightenment and the Politics of Modernity: An Assessment of the Potential for Moral Conversation in America after Liberalism, The, by Andrew Carpenter Wicks, 1992.

Asserting Americanness: Race, Religion, and Nationalism in the Turn-of-the-Century American West, by Daniel J. Moos, 2003.

Assessment of the Influence by Lobbyists on Appropriations by the Alabama Legisla­ture to Public Four-Year Universities in Alabama, An, by Donna Robertson Gas­ton, 1983.

Association Between Attributional Styles and Academic Performance of Students in a Program of Religious Studies, The, by Charles W. Ward, 1992.

At the Crossroads of Secularism and Islamism (Turkey), by Soon-Yong Pak, 2002.

At the Foundations of Anabaptism: A Study of Thomas Muntzer, Hans Denck, and Hans Hut, by Willis Milton Stoesz, 1968.

Attitude of American Catholics Toward Ital­ian Fascism Between the Two World Wars, The, by William Barry Smith, 1970.

Attitude of the Soviet State to Religion, 1959­-1965, As Expressed in Official Russian Periodicals, The, by Benjamin Leighton Armstrong, 1969.

Attitudes and Activities of American Catho­lics Regarding the Proposals to Establish a Federal Department of Education Be­tween World War I and the Great De­pression, The, by Douglas James Slaw­son, 1982.

Attitudes of Chaplains in the United States Army in Europe Toward Clinical Pas. toral Education, by Charles Douglass Burge, 1983.

Attitudes of the American Religious Press Toward Soviet Russia, 1939-1941, by Ronald Earnest Magflen, 1965.

Attitudes of the Oriental Jewish Elite in Israel toward the Arab-Israeli Conflict, by Renee Taft, 1989.

Attitudes of Zionist Intellectuals to the Arab Population in Palestine as Expressed in the Literature before the Young Turk Revolution of 1908, by Chana Sosevsky, 1981.

Attitudes on Religious Toleration as Ex­pressed in English Parliamentary De­bates, 1660-1719, by Raymond Clarke Mensing, 1971.

Attitudes toward Church and State Relation­ship of the Methodist Episcopal Church, by Robert William Huston, 1965.

Attitudes toward Political Violence: A Survey of Catholics and Protestants in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, by Robe Francis Mulvihill, 1980.

Atto of Vercelli: Church, State and Society the Tenth Century, by Suzanne Fon Wemple, 1971.

A uniquely dangerous and promising time: America’s Protestant Establishment Confronts a New World, 1941-1950, by Robert Alan Johnson, 2001.

Authority of the Text and the Limits of Religious Tolerance in Islamic Political Thought: The Case of Ahmad Ibn Taymiyah, by Abdullah Alhomaid, 1996.

Autonomy, Community and the Moral Self: A Christian and Feminist Analysis, by Susan Mary Dolan, 1994.

Avoiding the Greater Evil: The Response the Argentine Catholic Church to Juan Peron, 1943-55, by Noreen Franc Stack, 1977.

Baldus de Ubaldis’ Concept of State: A Study in Fourteenth-Century Legal Theory, by James Albert Wahl, 1969.

Baptist Approaches to the Issue of Church and State in Canada: Contributions and Evaluation of William Aberhart, Thomas Clement Douglas, and Thomas Todhunter Shields, by Robert David Blackaby, 1998.

Baptist Republicanism, by Smith Oran Perry, 1995.

Baptist Response to Immigration in the United States 1880-1925, The, by Lawren Bennion Davis, 1969.

Baptists in Oregon, The, by Albert William Wardin, Jr., 1968.

Barbadian Cross-Currents: Church-State Confrontation with Quaker and Negro, 1660-1689, by Winnifred V. Winkelman, 1978.

Barbershops, Bible, and B.E.T.: Dialogue and the Development of Black Political Thought, by Melissa Victoria Harris-Lakewell, 1999.

Base Ecclesial Communities: A New Form of Christian Organizational Response to the World Today, by Jeanne Gallo, 1989.

Basis and Limits of Political Obligatic The: A Theological and Philosophical Analysis of Civil Disobedience, by Jan Franklin Childress, 1969.

Battle for the Sabbath, The: The Sabbatari Lobby in Canada, 1890-1912, by Shar Patricia Meen, 1980.

Bavarian Kulturkampf, The: A Chapter Government, Church, and Society in the Early Bismarckreich, by Gilbert Edwin Southern, Jr., 1978.

Becoming a Black Muslim: A Study Commitment Processes in a Deviant Political Organization, by John Rob Howard, 1966.

Becoming Alive: Individual and Collective Recovery in a Multicultural Church, by Timothy L. Weitzel, 2006.

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