Do Now Aim #1: How did the Enlightenment ideas and mercantilism contributed to the American Revolution?

Revolutions are contagious – why is this the case?

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Revolutions are contagious – why is this the case?
The American Revolution is a major world even that triggers the French Revolution

July 6, 1776: The Declaration of Independence
- All men are created equal – Voltaire, Montesquieu, Locke. Wollstonecraft adds women.
- Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness - Locke as long as you don’t hurt others
- right of people to alter or abolish it – Locke
- Consent of the govern – Montesquieu, Rousseau, Locke
- Alienable Rights – Locke

  • Enlightened Despots vs. Absolute monarchs

  • Absolute Tyranny over 13 states

  • Declaration of Independence is a list of complaints

  • Publish in a bunch of languages and sent out  need help  sent to Great Britain’s enemies

  • France and England do not like each other  176 year war and the 7 years’ War – fought each other

  • Thomas Jefferson owes a great deal to Locke

The Arab Spring (2011)

Started in Tunisia (dictatorships) see this and do for ourselves and change these things

- Some were stopped
- Some made changes
- Some tried and arrested
- Some had Civil War – reflects Hobbes opinion in Syria
Aim #2: What political and socio-economic factors caused the French Revolution could the Revolution have been avoided? Explain

Robespierre – lawyer becomes a dictator

Aim #4: Why did the FR descend into anarchy, bloodshed, and dictatorship? 10/7/14:

which of the following is inaccurate regarding the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution?

  1. The Committee of Public Safety took power and used secret police to spy on the people

  2. Robespierre gained nearly dictatorial powers

  3. It adhered to the ideals on which the Revolution was founded

  4. Thousands of innocent people were executed as spies or traitors

  5. Fair trials were abolished and censorship was enforced

  6. It was partly a result of France’s ineffective democracy and being at war with nearly all of Europe


  • People turn to the Reign of Terror because they start to get scared. They declared war on Europe  why? (Trying to look strong) and were losing

  • This leads them to fear and killing. They begin to break into prisons and kill suspected people of being spies for other European countries.

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