Do Now: [a pre-Reading Activity] The Fifth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution

Using the cartoon, what is the I.R.S.?

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Using the cartoon, what is the I.R.S.? ________________________________________________________________________

  • Why is the man in the office of the I.R.S.? ________________________________________________________________________

  • Define “audit.” ________________________________________________________________________

  • Explain the man’s statement. ________________________________________________________________________

  • Did you know that when I.R.S. officials were asked to testify before Congress, they pleaded the Fifth Amendment? Now explain the meaning of the cartoon. ________________________________________________________________________

    Background to the Case: [American Vision]

    Ernesto Miranda had been arrested at his home in Phoenix, Arizona, and accused of kidnapping and rape. Questioned at the police station by two police officers, he was not advised of his right to an attorney nor his right to remain silent. After two hours of interrogation, he signed a written confession to the crimes. At his trial, he was found guilty and sentenced to 20 to 30 years in prison. He took his case to the United States Supreme Court.


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