Dna finding Aide for Group 13: Descendants of Bolling & Winefred (Buford) Clark

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DNA Finding Aide for Group 13:

Descendants of Bolling & Winefred (Buford) Clark

January 2006 Linda Sparks Starr

[I offer this as a finding aid ONLY for those DNA participants who are trying to work their way back to Christopher Clark of Virginia (1681-1754 -- Group 13 on the DNA web site) through male descendants of his son Bolling. Another file will cover the male descendants from his son Micajah. His son Edward didn't marry, thus doesn't have any known descendants. As any thorough genealogical researcher knows, there is absolutely no documentation proving the parents of this Christopher.

Several years ago Patricia Stanley (now deceased) shared several records from her genealogy files by typing the data into small e-mail-sized messages. I've retyped the relevant data into this file, much of it is shared for the first time. The multiple re-typing lends itself to the possibility of errors, especially with dates. A much better work to use for documented information on ALL the children of Bolling Clark and Winefred (Buford) is found at: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~lksstarr/reports/bolling.txt However it stops far too soon to help many of our DNA participants who are stuck in Kentucky, the Carolinas, Mississippi, Missouri, etc.

All data below not attributed to others comes from Patricia. She credits Anthony: Roots and Branches by Jacob along with LDS records and data sent her by various individuals. I include her [PLMS] comments and asides within brackets (as are any of my own comments) for I think they may be useful to researchers. Hopefully I give credit for the other shared data to the correct individuals.

After listing the known and probable sons of Bolling and Winefred, I begin with comments from Pat and then the National Archives Revolutionary War Pension File on Capt. Micajah Clark which provides dates and places for the movement of Bolling & Winefred from Virginia through the Carolinas. This will get you back to about 1800 and the point where Bolling's sons moved in different directions. Again, this file is a "finding aid only" and regrettably is NOT a complete list of male descendants of Bolling and Winefred, but it is all I have. Neither is it error free. I realize there are discrepancies, but I haven't the resources to decide which is the correct date or place. I urge everyone to document each and every generation back; hopefully this will show you where to look. And THAT is all this is meant to be -- a roadmap back to Group 13 Christopher Clark. Linda Sparks Starr.]

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