Dla reform and Personal Independence Payment – completing the detailed design

Chapter 4 questions – Payability of Benefit

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Chapter 4 questions – Payability of Benefit

Q10 Our approach to people over the upper age limit is designed to strike the right balance between claimants’ needs and our intention to make Personal Independence Payment affordable and sustainable in the future. Do you agree our approach achieves those aims? If you disagree, please tell us what approach would achieve the right balance.

Q11 Do you have any views on our proposal to take forward into Personal Independence Payment the approach taken by DLA and AA in relation to residency in care homes and in-patient care in hospitals?

Q12 Have we correctly identified that there would be duplication of funding if we continued to pay Personal Independence Payment while someone is in prison or legal detention?

Q13 Do you agree that Personal Independence Payment should carry on in payment for 28 days to allow disabled individuals to settle outstanding disability related costs? If not, why not? What alternative period do you think we should consider?

Q14 Do you agree that two periods of imprisonment should link if there has been a gap of less than one year? If you disagree that periods of imprisonment should link please tell us why. If you agree that they should link but think it should cover a different period please suggest an alternative period.

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